Adding races to plan builder

I am doing mid volume criterium . At present , Jan. 19 , I am in a build phase . Racing begins first week of march with a roughly one hour flat circuit race repeating each week till first week of April . At this point I will be in specialty phase for the month . I understand that I can add events to my calendar and that my plan builder will adapt my plan . I have a general idea of my race schedule for the year but am unsure of what races i will make it to and how much of an effect it will have on my plan going forward . Would it be better to just do a race and put it in the plan after it is done ,since plan builder will not know how hard that race will be for me or if I will even finish ? Hilly grand fondo or a one hour crit shown as an A race would warrant a different response , no?

Correct, the event type (specifically how you assign it in your definition with the TR settings) will drive the actual training plan details for phases on your plan. As you mention, fondos will focus on different things than crits.

All that to say that if you think there is a decent chance of you doing any of those events, it’s likely best to put them on the calendar. That’s particularly true for any A level events, since those define the focus of a plan and also include a taper in most cases.

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Thanks I’m going to put the spring series up till April in my plan, then revisit it as the race dates for the season become more concrete . I’m trying to concentrate on crits for the season but also have a trip planned to ride in Italy including a grand fondo in June . I still want my focus to be on the crit work so my eclectic schedule may be a bit difficult . Will be nice when they roll out unstructured work being counted . It seems to me that the workouts I’m doing now in crit build are harder than the races or at least I will not get the specified time in zone at the races . Last year if i had an hour race and an hour and a half interval workout scheduled i would just continue to ride after race and try to complete the intervals prescribed .