Impromptu rest weeks and limits of adaptive training

So I’m currently in mid volume specialty phase working towards Leadville and fatigue from both work and riding is catching up with me. I’m a surgeon and had a particularly bad weekend of being on call a week ago and despite “catching up” on sleep my tank is pretty empty.
Adaptive trainer appropriately dropped my levels. I’m staring at two threshold workouts next week and trying to decide if lower levels are simply slowing the rate at which is dig myself into a hole.
To this point I’ve pretty much accepted all adaptations but I feel like this may be the point where a human coach beats an AI in terms of rearranging things.


IIRC, AI won’t recommend rest weeks / workouts….it will “dial down” scheduled workouts, but it won’t outright replace them with rest.

Listen to your body….sounds like a rest week would be a good idea. I know I order my surgeons to be well-rested! :wink:


You really don’t need any recovery from a little extra rest. You will need a lot of recovery if you dig yourself into a hole.

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