Workout/Race/Annotation Personal Notes - Streamlined Viewing

I’m trying to get back to being more diligent with adding notes to every single day, whether it is a workout, race or rest. I used to do this in my excel file I kept and it made it very easy to just scroll down and re-read notes that I made. When I read something similar to how I was feeling that day or how a race went, I could then look into that file and see what happened as a refresher. I love the calendar and it’s a huge improvement to TR. However, reviewing past notes is pretty clunky. It now takes 2 clicks and another screen to see it in the “ride notes” or it takes a click and another screen to see it as an annotation (and the window is small). It would be awesome to have an option to see all notes similar to how the forum is set up for topics. It could have the date, name of workout/race/annotation and a preview of the notes (maybe 2-3 lines). I like reviewing my notes on a semi-regular basis and think they are a key to training. It would be great if that could be streamlined a little more.

Awesome tool! Keep it going!