I think AT hates me

I’ve been using TR since Jan 1 of this year (new to TR, not structured training), and have been pretty happy. However, lately I’ve been thinking AT either hates me or thinks I’m better than I actually am. After every ramp test or AI FTP assessment, the next hard workout is a VO2 Max stretch workout. Most recently the stretch workout was an 8.1, and before the FTP bump my progression for VO2 max was 7.6. After the bump it got adjusted to 6.9. So the stretch was a full 1.2 above the new progression. I was in no condition to complete a stretch workout (work, life, etc, getting in the way) but even If I had, why does AT always drop a stretch workout right after an FTP bump?


Sounds pretty wild! Good insight into what was reasonable and what wasn’t. I’m gonna guess @IvyAudrain will be in here pretty soon, but it seems like on this type of individual AT problem the recommendation is to reach out directly to support@trainerroad.com. They have access to your backend files and can give you better insight/support.


We’re you already in the block and week of that stretch VO2 workout ? I’ve found that AT doesn’t look forward beyond blocks and depending how your weeks are scheduled you may need to be in that week.

I had something similar happen right after I used the AI FTP Estimation feature last week. I used Workout Alternates to find a VO2 workout with a PL near my new one (still struggled on it, though :man_shrugging:).