Adaptive training and VO2 max level

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Question about progression levels while using AT. I’m at the end of the build phase. I took a screenshot right before my recovery week, and my progression level for VO2 was 5.7. Did the recovery week, it stayed at 5.7. Then on Monday (yesterday), it dropped a little. THEN I did ftp estimation, and as a result of ftp estimation, my ftp went up and my VO2 level went down even more, to 3.6. It feels… low. Am I missing something? Is it normal that it works like this? It kinda feels like double dip to me

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m not a regular on the forum.

I’ve noticed that all progression levels “decay” if you don’t have a workout that hits that level in the past two weeks. And all your progression levels are relative to your FTP, so the same power target (in watts) for a VO2max workout can either be a high percent of a lower FTP, or a lower percent of a higher FTP, but the former workout will have a higher level than the latter.

As a quick check, compare the actual target watts on your current VO2max workouts with the higher FTP to the watts of your last VO2max workout under your old FTP (assuming they have a similar structure; so don’t compare a workout with 90s work intervals to one with 5 minute work intervals).

Hopefully this makes sense; words and math don’t always play nice.


@pkwell nailed it.

@Charlie_1980 I took a look at your ride logs, surveys, and progression logic; everything is showing expected behavior in those VO2max Progression Level changes based upon that time decay since your last VO2max workout, then again after your FTP increase.

Congrats on the increase, BTW! :tada:

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