Large jump in progression level (+1.7) between workouts

I’m in my specialty phase as of the beginning of the week, and the ramp test dropped my progression levels since my FTP went up a bit. My current threshold progression level is 2.3 but today’s workout has ‘Ragged -2’ as a Threshold 4.0 workout. This seems like a huge jump and not something I’ve seen before on trainerroad using adaptive training.

I did move two workouts this week a day forward to account for some traveling. Is there any chance I accidentally changed something? Maybe another way to confirm this is correct?

This is most likely due to one of the remaining weak points of AT. TR has added a lot of new workouts after implementing AT, but not enough. Now you have been given a workout that doesn’t have easier alternatives, and as long as AT doesn’t addapt to workouts of a different type you are left with the options of either just doing it and hoping for the best or manually switching to an easier workout.

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There are no alternate 90 min workouts. But there are plenty of 60 and 75 minute alternates with the same workout structure and lower Threshold difficulty ratings. (Rendezvous series, Piute series and others)

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Ooph, didn’t realize that. Thanks for the info. Well I wound up doing the workout and was well into the ‘Very Hard’ rating (getting close to All Out but not quite). Glad I could get through it but obviously pretty challenging.

Now I’m not sure if it’s worth accepting the adaptations that TR is suggesting since my threshold went up 1.7 levels since I think I might overload myself that way

Its up to you if you think you can recover from the workouts given the difficulty of what AT is giving to you. If you feel like you’re digging yourself a hole, or if you’re concerned that you might, just bump your threshold workouts down roughly a progression level, and progress up from there.

AT only has the single input of how the workout felt, and there are a lot of reasons that something may get rated as very hard. If you want AT to back off more after such a hard workout, can consider just ranking it all out instead.

is there a way to manually change your progression level down to do that?

I’ve got a similar case, maybe more of a jump… ftp test this week and I used the new estimator. It gave me. 3-4% bump up, but left my threshold progression at 2.0 now.

This weekend’s longer ride, I think, is unchanged / adapted and is Kaweah at a progression 4.8 (so rated as Breakthrough 2.8 above my current level).

In my case the alternates button lists productive 1:30 workouts, so I may adjust myself to make a slower progression - even a “stretch” as Frissell at least appears more fun to my mind.

Maybe it’s intentionally trying to see if the PL adjustment was accurate by throwing something out there and wanting to see if it’s achieved or a total failure? :slight_smile:

No. Just choose an easier Alternate workout.

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Definitely give it a shot! You will likely surprise yourself.

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