I really miss the old podcasts

I couldn’t believe that they spent 15 minutes advising a pro rider. :slight_smile:


I’ve never been to Reno, but Spokane is great from June through September, minus a fire here and there. It doesn’t rain hard ever, and it hardly rains between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It cools down at night, no mosquitos, and its 82-92 by three pm most days. Some years winter isn’t real and I can ride outside during my visits, and some years, they have real winter, and I’m stuck driving 45 minutes and strapping on some skis.

There’s a helluva a riverside trail, there’s pretty decent elevation change available and rumor has it that there’s decent MTB right on the south hill (I only have CL special road bike at my in-laws}.

But homelessness and poverty is a real issue. Maybe other western cities handle that particular concern differently?


There is, in my humble opinion, a night and day difference between the podcasts for the last few months and the previous era. What happened to: “the goal is to make you faster?” Listening to professional cyclists talk about the details of their races or the hosts going into intricate details of their personal “race-a-logs” is boring and not helpful. I miss the controversial subjects that involve a scientific basis. I find myself doing a great deal of first time ever fast-forwarding through long discussions of a detail that could be stated in a minute.


Man, my life has been such that I have not listened to the podcast in weeks. Heck, I barely do much here right now. Reading this thread has me realizing how much I have missed (I used to long for the podcast every week). Chad moved - Nate splitting with his wife. Anyone else feel like the family is growing apart?

(Not a criticism! Not expecting any less from TR. Just a FEELING. Life happens.)

This has been on my mind a little too recently and I’ve skipped a few episodes because of it. Perhaps you could add a podcast called “How to use TR” so that the weekly podcast are not packed full of AT and ML talk or other up and coming features. I really like the deep dives or the chats about your upcoming events.

I do think that the podcasts could either be shorter or have more content packed in. That said it is entertaining to listen to the ramblings of @Jonathan. I think my favourite quote is “I just want to add one thing.”

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I still enjoy some bits but it’s gotten kinda boring hearing about new developments (in the podcast and in the forum) that most people outside of AT/certain Betas cant use. I enjoy some technical discussion but feels like I’m watching a baby grow inside a womb where it’s just months (and presumably months more) of news with no finished product. I’m not expecting AT to be finished and perfect overnight by any means.


Y’all are awesome and I feel really grateful we have listeners that are willing to take time out of their day to share their feedback.

While it is true that we have all gone through a lot of change over the past year (the hosts notwithstanding), I don’t think that necessarily means that we can’t continually make the podcast better through new improvements and retaining what has made this podcast so great.

It sounds like we could do the following and improve the podcast for everybody:

  1. Make sure we focus the podcast on actionable insights that make you faster and minimize product announcements.
  2. Focus the content to possibly shorten it, but above all increase the value-per-minute to all of you.
  3. Find ways to make the conversation more candid, whether through increasing in-person interactions, “guinea-pigging” ourselves through first-hand experimentation in events or trying out novel approaches, etc.
  4. Limiting personal anecdote when it isn’t providing actionable takeaways.

What else am I missing?

Thanks again! I genuinely appreciate all of you. :heart:


Lots of fair points here.

Sadly, there’s only so much one can discuss about cycling. Obviously, many are going to find the TR plan questions boring. I also think it would be logical to move that endless noob plan guidance to a totally separate podcast.

The real issue is that without the hosts racing and being together, there’s a gulf of subject matter. Other cycling podcasts cover pro racing, for example. That provides them with literally endless quality material.

At some point listeners will know to eat carbs, do quality Z2, sleep well, be consistent etc etc. There really isn’t an endless supply of new training information. I imagine for many, they are just coming to that realization.

Combine that with a truly crazy period of life, hosts being remote now and you get the observed results.

I’m not sure what the exact solution is.

One thing is certain from reading the above posts, you can never please everybody. For me, the lack of Chad offering solid info is a massive issue. Like it or not, he is vastly more educated on sport science than the other hosts. Without him, there is significantly less substance.

That’s not to say that the other hosts aren’t fantastic in their way. It’s just an observation.

Another issue is, you are basically getting random staff members and friends/athletes to join a podcast. Are they trained speakers? Absolutely not. Are they even entertaining? Yes and no.

Imagine joining a new company as a fence builder, then randomly they have you hosting a TV show. Most likely, you wouldn’t excel at it. Not even remotely.

Anybody can podcast, that is one of the problems with the entire format. There’s no training, just have at it. Usually, the better skilled, more entertaining podcasters rise to the top.

In this case, you are talking about regular un-trained folk expected to entertain us on a single subject. Tough for anyone.

Personally, I’d be a little more careful with who I used beyond the proven crew. Even if that meant less regular content. I’d rather have a perfectly executed episode every 2-4 weeks than a desperate attempt to offer content on a particular schedule.

TV shows have a huge team of highly skilled writers to produce a single episode. Often they fail at it. We are in some ways, expecting far too much.

An actual solution would be to hire a dedicated podcast star. Someone proven, knowledgeable, highly entertaining and reliable. Add them to the roster. Just like TR is constantly hiring tech staff, they need to bolster the podcast talent, if they see it as a logical long-term investment.

Just my thoughts.

I enjoy the podcast, I have for some time, but I do agree with others here in that in recent times, it has become rather stale. If that sounds harsh, it is certainly not meant to be. It is a very difficult job. One that I could not even attempt doing.


Hopefully I don’t come off wrong here but, I can agree with some but not all of that.
For me, I like the personality’s on the podcast. Cycling has many shapes and forms, as are the people riding bikes. I’d rather have a good mix of talented riders talking on the podcast,which they do, IMO. Than some “celebrity” to boast listeners.
They all have different sides of the industry they are interested in and give me that true cycling perspective.


:100:. I mean seriously, most entertainment produced in the last year is a bit stiff. I write for a living and yeah, I don’t want to be judged by the last year. Let’s all show each other some love.


I think the race insight, personal anecdotes, and training stories are some of the best content. My most favourite episodes are the race prep and review ones. Leadville, ST6, Carson’s City, all the road racing, and Cape Epic. I think keep it fun and let’s all look forward to the racing and banter as things start to wind back up.


FWIW I’m still enjoying all the conversation and discussion, as-is without changes. I listen while working and not always paying full attention, so when I hear something that requires my full attention after work, love being able to go back to a specific question with the chapter markers. Miss hearing Coach Chad’s perspective, will be good when his life settles down after the move and he returns. Enjoy the podcast and keep up the good work!


Agree with everything here. Still really enjoy the podcast and I think it’s just the Covid slowdown.

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All those points sound lovely. I have continued to enjoy the podcast, but I think the lack of Chad on the episodes (particularly paired with Nate) has made them less interesting and entertaining for me. Those two have chemistry, inquisitive nature and insights that really mesh well. I miss their interactions and their banter a lot and I think several others probably feel the same way.

Part of my enjoyment of AACC is the core crew of you, Nate, Amber and Chad specifically. In fact, a lot of my favorite podcasts are ones I listen to because I love the personalities and their chemistry together. It’s been quite a while since we had you all on the show together and I really really miss that.

We need the episodes with Pete and Audrey and Alex and Keegan to refresh the palate now and then (I truly love that they each bring such different vibes to the table), but the core crew is really a big part of the enjoyment for me.

TL;DR I miss Chad and I think I’m not alone in that.


Don’t agree with everything beeing said here, although i do think that sometimes the crew lately could be better.
Big fan of nate, jon and pete - great lingo and also humour, coupled with some more analytical spice of either chad or amber, thats a good episode for me.
I would be sad, if there were not an episode every week - i look forward to it. ( and always get a little sad, if its a “special” episode. :slight_smile: .

You guys are doing great @Jonathan , great you also reach out to get better.


I’ve listened to every. single. TR podcast… and my insightful comment is that I’m just glad @Nate_Pearson is back!


Very funny read.
I still hear Chad’s voice while reading the workout text.

Even the boss isn’t as good as I remember. Still the boss though.

Keep up the great work on the podcasts.
Pete’s great to listen to and Ivy’s dry sense of humour is top notch.
Onwards and upwards.

Love the podcast, no it is not too long, but yes it has changed and not for the better. I’ve listened to every AACCP and many of them more than once. Like any other podcast, tv series or the like, there are always good and not so much episodes. This is a fact of life.

I have to agree on missing the original crew and some of the speakers, although try they might, struggle to be polished. This can be to tough to listen to at times and moments nearly unbearable. Might also be good to have a consistent format each week, which seems to be the case but it’s a little loose. This way listeners would know what/where to skip if needed. Examples would be always start with product/AT updates, → personal antidotes/race experiences and learnings, → deep or shallow dive science, → listener questions, → rapid fire, then ending with main episode take aways.

The AT updates are good but going into extensive explanations of the fine details of AT beta features when less than 1% of users have access is becoming annoying. We get it, it’s gonna be great…… eventually. For now it’s a dangling treat that being teased for quite some time.


Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t change a thing. :ok_hand:


The real magic of the podcast is how each week we all tune in to find out about your week. It’s like we all feel we know you and look forward to the smacktalk and stories like we would if meeting friends down the pub.
The fact that we then learn a ton about training is almost a bonus.
Love them or hate them, this is the chemistry the Top Gear presenters had back in the Clarkson, May and Hammond era. The constant bickering but with the underlying feeling that they all liked each other. It’s a rare thing.
I bet the majority of us long time listeners care more about how Nate and Chad are coping with recent upheaval than about AT. I mean, how’s Chad’s ankle? It was a bummer that just as he was getting his training mojo back, then he turns it in a pothole.
I hope you can all get happy and healthy, Jon wins Nat Champs, then you all decide to do something utterly, ridiculously impossible and we all get to laugh along with your mistakes. I think the triathlon challenge was perfect for this.