Are there too many TR podcasts?

In another thread someone had the opinion that the podcasts were getting repetitive. That comment got me thinking. A bunch of times lately the guys have mentioned that something was discussed extensively in a previous podcast and then go on to talk about it again. So, do we really need an almost two hour cast almost every week? We already have about 400 hours of discussion. I would actually appreciate more a better index to previous casts so the I can find out at what time in which cast(s) a topic is discussed. Then, only have a new cast if there was a new topic or guest.


Yes. This and the FastTalk podcast make the week bearable.


Need? I have 5 bikes, do I need them? No, but I enjoy them so why not? Same with the podcast. If you don’t enjoy it step away. I enjoy the podcast so I will keep listening and I will be looking for bike #6 soon.


" So, do we really need an almost two hour cast almost every week?"

Don’t listen then if you don’t find it worth your time.


I like the podcasts. The problem I have is that I like a lot of podcasts and don’t have time to listen to them all. So, I’d prefer to have new ones only when there is something new to say. Not just because there is a schedule.

  • They are working on that very thing as we speak.

I, for one, NEED this podcast to be 6 hours long 4 times a week. I cannot get enough of it, no matter how repetitive. Every time a subject comes up, there is something else added to the discussion. These guys, especially Nate, have new stories all the time. For instance, did you know that Jonathan has everested and that Nate is 6’6". (Sarcasm) I friggin love the podcast. I die a little when they take a week off.


I look forward to the podcast each week and equally enjoy hearing about hard core training information from Coach Chad as well as everyone’s other exploits. Looking forward to hearing how the experience at Nationals went for @Jonathan and also his upcoming event at Leadville.

The guests have added a lot of value too and sometimes led me to find some new content (@SonyaLooney is a great example). Alex Grant in Leadville last year was also an episode I’ve gone back to listen to multiple times to get his and @Nate_Pearson insights on the upcoming race.

It’s also fun when @Jonathan pops up on other podcasts such as his training tips segment on the Leadville Podcast.


yes there are too many and I’ll never be able to listen to them all :frowning:

This is also the best problem to have. Information is constantly being updated, and what was true a week ago may not be true this week, and having that backlog to refer to and build upon is awesome.

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Hey! Thanks so much for saying so!! I’m so glad you are liking my show! Let me know if there are any guests or topics you’d be interested in!!



An index is a great idea! From a fellow podcaster’s POV, it seems that people pick and choose which episodes they want to listen to, meaning as much as we’d love for everyone to listen to every single episode, most people don’t. I know as a podcast listener, I don’t consume every podcast that is put out by even my favorite shows. So to help us podcasters solve the problem (again, the index is a good suggestion), how do you avoid repeating yourself when you know that a large percentage listening to an episode didn’t hear the previous episode when a topic was already covered? Another option is to skip over a long explanation of something you already know (I do this too!).


At times it is repetitive but the whole podcast isn’t. I for one look forward to them every week. I listen to every one more than once.


There are not enough TR podcasts ! I love them and think its such a clever brand extension.
It’s really interesting as Zwift is meant to be about riding with others but has no sense of official community at all.
Whereas TR is all about riding alone in your garage yet has a fantastic community via the podcast and this forum.
With one you feel a subscriber, with another you feel part of an extended family…


Sonya was a guest perspective that I was happy to hear and it also led me to her podcast. Those are the sorts of podcasts that I always listen to. The problem I have is that every podcast has some useful information. However, there is also other repetitive stuff. Yes you can fast forward through it but I try to avoid that when I am driving.

haha good point! or trying to fast forward on a bike ride. Thanks again! :smiley: I think the world of podcasting is going to come out with newer ways to listen like maybe finding ways to avoid repeats for those that already listened (maybe a smart app that looks at what you’ve already listened to and can somehow cut out repeats using voice recognition? Maybe this is too high tech.) I’d also love to see someone invent a way to take note of things you hear while doing something so that you can save a link, or an idea for later without using SIRI. I find that SIRI never gets my “hey siri, remind me about xyz” well. Or even a way to create a bookmark in a podcast episode like audible does, but without having to touch your phone.

Just my 2 cents worth…better indexing will be welcome. It’s nice to be able to go back and listen to sections of interest again.
As for whether or not weekly podcasts are necessary, I for one sometimes wish there was more. Sometimes hard rides on the trainer are hard to get motivated for and listening to the guys on the podcast share their enthusiasm, knowledge, success and failures while training to be faster helps get me on the bike when I’d rather stay on the couch.

As the resident crazy person, I have been through the entire podcast catalog 3 times, and am into the 4th round at the moment.

I skip some episodes or parts of them on occasion. But there is a surprising amount of info I re-learn or find for the first time with my re-listening habit.

People might be shocked that hearing the same thing, with new or different perspective after your own experiences or with info from other episodes, can lead to a totally different take-away from “old” episodes.


I love the podcasts and unless I catch them live, often leads to an early morning indulgence with a cup of tea and headphones in bed.
I can keep concentration except where my lack of a science degree makes the brain go into please fast forward to understandable english . Another reaction is for the content to be a precursor to sending me back to sleep.
Therefore to listen to the whole show make take two or three sittings.

Funnily enough I was forming the opposite opinion!

There are some subjects that should be repeated from the 2016/2017/2018 archives, because they are still important topics and we still have new listeners/forum members and opinions change over time,

I was reminded of this in a recent one where Chad revisited his opinion on statins. It may not be as fun for the TR crew, and perhaps harder to have the same enthusiasm for an old topic, but it’s definitely more valuable than some of the niche podcasts.

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I think the guys put notable effort into taking looks at old topics from new angles on most occasions. Sure, some items are a repeat and somewhat unavoidable. But they often focus on different elements than prior ones. Taken together, they can give an amazing depth of coverage for lots of topics.