I really miss the old podcasts

I think the podcast is really suffering in terms of good training takeaways. Or maybe I or the podcast has evolved, and need something else.

I think the Science of Getting Faster podcast might be what I loved about the early TR podcasts and I find myself going there more. I guess the TR podcast simply has evolved, for better or worse. I love the team and have been an ardent subscriber for over 4 years and have listened to most of the episodes going back to season 1. Really happy with the Science of Getting Faster podcast though…neat to have that available to quench my thirst for topics around training.

Opinions are like assholes…


Interesting thread as my friends and I have been discussing this lately.

I’ve come to realise that for the average cyclist with say, a race a fortnight, a weekly chaingang and a weekend group ride- there’s actually very little a TR plan can add- maybe one interval session a week it can influence :man_shrugging:t2:

But I’ve been happy to roll over my annual subscription purely for the podcast alone.

For my friends and I, the biggest problem lately is contradictions and usually from @Jonathan :disappointed:
Either Amber, Pete or coach Chad will say something really pertinent that resonates strongly and seems to be a really crisp take away message and Jonathan will jump in and say “yeah, blah blah blah” and almost 100% contradict what they just said.
Sadly the others are so nice and respectful that they just nod and smile and humour him whereas I’m shouting at my headphones for him to shut up :rofl::rofl:

It seems to be done on purpose to make it more of a ‘chat’ than a lecture but it often just waters down and confuses the point.

Jonathan is a great host and I really enjoy the successful athletes podcasts so maybe just :shushing_face: a little during the regular ones.

And yes- we need more smack talk back too :muscle:t2:

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I’ve listened to every single one too and I have to say I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the old and new podcasts and the OG and newer crew. Nate, Chad and Jon’s old comradery and ribbing each other, Amber’s Tour racing insights and nutrition, Pete’s down to earth crit experience and nutrition, Ivy’s got a great youthful, fun injection to the dynamic and the other less regular guests have been great too.

Keep on doing what you do TR.

#fanboi :smile:

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Yes this


I would bet good money that the average cyclist on that kind of schedule would be stronger if they skipped one of those weekly rides and incorporated a LV TR plan, or really any periodized plan, into their schedule. I think it comes down to the individual and how they prioritize ‘unstructured fun rides’ vs progression.


@Jonathan Understanding that this would take a bit of work and precious time but what would really be cool would be a video walking thru ERG, Resistance, Power Match, etc. and how they all interact with each other and what different combinations mean; literally showing the app, making selections and the results. I’m very much a visual guy and when I try to follow a spoken word description I just get frustrated and give up.

I mention this because I’m recently trying ‘again’ to just use my left side power meter for a more consistent training experience indoors/outdoors. I also think that a noob to indoor training will have a more positive experience.

I feel like these videos were produced ‘back in the day’ but new content could prove useful as a separate one off.

I used to save the podcasts for long weekend rides or listen during kids soccer games.

I’m finding it harder to watch a zoom session seeing I’m zooming all day. I miss the awesome podcast studio set up. Also Chad. Don’t really miss Chad’s deep dives into stuff I didn’t care about. I’d prefer the podcasts be tailored to me :blush:

My kid drives now and all the games are streamed do to COVID-19. Thus, lost that time as well.

Thant being said, when I do listen I enjoy listening.

Missed all my points! .The pods are great and I have a FF button. I just wish you didn’t get a haircut recently. As a person with no hair I appreciate the hairstyles.

I wish we could learn more about the tech stuff: databases used for production. Did you change databases for the new product enhancements. How much processing costs went up. Are you batching the processing at night. Or every few hours due to the global usage? How are you refining the truth set for ML. How often? Why Azure over AWS? What regions are you in? What are TR design principles for UX/UI. How long did it take for key stakeholders to agree on the new look? What TR person thought the little tiny x for getting out of the warning box indicating no power was a good idea?

Have you thought about tweaking your job posts? Do you think the tone turns some people away?

Do you do your own dishes? We’ve got a job for you (and it’s not dishwashing :wink: ). Do you put them in the sink and expect someone else to do them? Move on, please.

Another way could be:
A Bit about our culture…. Here at TR we love self starters, those willing to take the time to put his/her dishes in the dishwasher and wiling to have a little fun over tart cherry juice whilst nibbling on fine dark chocolate even when stress levels are off the charts and we debating where to put little tiny Xs to close out of interstitial warnings.

Or. Yo! Do you put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wash your hands after taking a dump? If so, TR is the place for you.

I mean everyone can get behind clean hands and dishes. Kind of the same messaging without telling someone to move on. Especially given if you leave your dishes in the sink now it’s likely your own sink.

Just some thoughts.

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Yes of course- but when weather permits, those underpinning rides/events are the whole point of many people’s cycling life :wink:
It could just as easily be a series of races that expose the same flaw…

I woyld love the tech talk. The insights would be so interesting. But people are already complaining about TrainerRoad talking about TrainerRoad features, I don’t unfortunately see it happening.

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This mildly irritates me as well. I caught up on a couple recent episodes recently as I don’t listen weekly any longer and the AT/ML talk for a product that isn’t available to the majority is a bit too much.
I get building interest, and I absolutely get building the product right with testing before releasing it… but we’re working on the 4th month since the ‘Announcing Adaptive Training’ initial announcement & TR positioning themselves as Adaptive Training lol

I’m sure as life settles and races/events continue to ramp the podcast will pick up on new/interesting content & discussions. I do commend TR on how well they’ve been able to react and manage through the drastic changes over the last year.


Agreed. Maybe a blog post?


Here’s my two cents: Don’t make the overall Podcast shorter, but do be better about not beating a dead horse with question responses. Totally subjective, but it feels to me lately that question responses have gotten longer, and the team retreads the same ground addressing the question / everyone wants to contribute one more comment, even if it doesn’t substantially add anything.

The perfect example of this was the recent question by the Worldtour Pro. Go back and listen for how long the responses go on, when everyone basically starts with “I don’t really have anything to offer”.


I stopped listening once it stopped being really about the science… I used to regularly hit the ‘rewind’ button to listen again to what Chad just said, and make notes to try to incorporate it into my training. At some point a long while ago it stopped being about how to get faster physically, and started to just be war stories about past races, and I tuned out


This is live now? I really have pulled away from stuff then. ???

The released 4 episodes at this point, but nothing recently.

Agree. Really feels like the whole AT curtain was opened prematurely as a response to online critique, and I’m looking forward to the new software but also feel like it’s kind of funny that part of the criticism was too much intensity in the plans, and low and behold the plans are seemingly all toned down.

Before the white knights come to slaughter me, I’m not bashing TR or the crew. I realize it’s a big project but it could have been handled better IMO rather than a big reveal and leaving everyone waiting and some frustrated for the last 3-4 months and surely months more to come.


I have to agree with this one. Also, in the same podcast, there were multiple times when someone would say, “I think we can skip this one, we already discussed it”, and then someone else would go on to repeat what had already been discussed anyway.

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I’ve also fell off the boat. Used to listen to the podcasts while training, but I can’t manage much anymore. My question is, when are you building a TR racing TEAM, and start talking about all the ways you can make a cyclist/team faster. Give us something to cheer for! Race reports!

I’m in it for the racing! :slight_smile:

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I actually listened all the way through on my ride yesterday as I have no way to skip ahead while riding. They also didn’t include the time stamps in the show notes on Stitcher this week.

Nice to hear Nate and Amber again and I enjoyed Alex too.

I have to say though that the first three questions were painfully long.

  • How quickly do you lose fitness and what kind do you lose first? 1:56 - How to adjust your race tactics if you aren’t fit 12:57 - Getting the most from a slow group ride 29:08 - The hosts’ analysis on the first MTB World Cups 45:54