I really miss the old podcasts

I enjoy the New features talk. I do miss the antics.


I feel like the content is getting more aimed at the beginner cyclist, which might be because they are trying to appeal more to the masses.

@llmonty, You’re not unique, sends me back asleep so. I have to watch it again.

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Loved them then, love them now :man_shrugging:t4:
I’m super interested in AT, TrainNow, other features and all the detail attached to those topics so I enjoy the latest podcasts just as much.


I think what I’m missing from the podcast is structure. I think it’s nice to have so much info presented but if I’m listening in the car I notice my brain tunes out of certain segments after 5 mins and 15 mins will go by and I’ve realized I have no idea what they’re talking about. An example recently was there was a question posed to a guest and the question went on for more than two minutes. By the time the guest was answering I forgot what was being asked. Then, there were people jumping in during the guest’s answer so they never got through a complete answer.

As someone who works in TV I enjoy having timed segments that keep a show moving, that provide pace, and help with continuity from episode to episode. I think that would be a welcome addition to the podcast.


I have the same feeling about the podcast but to be forgiving there is a lot of going in the life of the hosts. Chad is moving, Nate has personal situation, Amber also is beginning new chapter in her life etc. I understand that hard to be extatic about possible bike racing with all this going on. I also liked the “youthful” enthusiasm of the challenges like 40k tt but current situation (personal and worldwide) is a quite good of excuse (especially I hope that Nate will be back, because it was clearly seen that something is off for some time). Not to mention, with the lack of events, it is hard to talk about cycling every week:) I really like the addition of Alex Wild as a “breeze” of this old dynamics and I think he fits very well to the format.

I hope that with return of events and when all the private turmoil will stabilise the more things return more to the old dynamic. Currently I wait for more scientific deep dives podcasts - especially I would like to see some “training methodologies battles” between different guests.


Not only is there change in the lives of the hosts, there is change in the company. What you can do when you are a young business change as the company expands and grows. The home-type, community feel (represented in the older podcasts) of the work environment becomes layered in management, policies, aims and goals. Plus, you have to bring along your existing customers in light of business changes. Difficult and stressful all around. Add to that, their personal situations, training, etc. I see the changes. I miss the banter of the older podcasts. However, at the end of the day, I think they are working hard at trying to maintain the atmosphere. I am willing to understand these things and appreciate their hard labors.


You also have to think about the fact that they’ve done 300 long episodes of the main podcast, nearly 50 successful athletes podcasts and even a few science of getting faster podcasts. Once you’ve put out that much content it is hard to avoid having the same conversations again and keep the topics fresh.


He did? Damn, the gossip you pick up on the forums! I know this is a tangent, but what’s wrong with Spokane?

I’m considering a move to NV myself. But, I don’t really like NV. I can probably tolerate it if I’m close to Tahoe.

Also sad to hear about Nate’s divorce. I wonder how the kid is taking it and if it was an amicable separation or litigation to hell.

Wish more people thought this way.

Welcome to meth and rednecks Chad (shudder).

Good Thursday Night smash fest starting on the South Hill if interested.

Spokane is horrific, booga-booga! Stay far away.

I don’t disagree, but I sometimes think about it from the hosting perspective. I mean, I have legitimate expertise in a very limited area of sport and a very limited area of my profession, but wtf would I talk about in hour 300?

You all make very valid points. I think we feel very attached to all the staff at Trainerroad, which is testament to the goodwill generated from all the podcasts over the years.
I agree that for the moment, the tone and content is to be expected and applaud them for rolling with the times, embracing new technologies and introducing new guests.
I look forward to better times when the world is a little less serious and Chad is back giving deep sighs to Nate’s endless enthusiasm. I think Jonathan has been an unwavering rock throughout the years btw. He’s a great anchorman.


Yeh I thought Jonathan absolutely smashed it on this last podcast.

I still love the podcast, and the new feature discussion will remain one of my favourite parts as long as I keep seeing genuine improvements and sound methodology in improving the product.


Me too. The lack of loud music is great as it doesn’t wake me up. Sometimrs I think I’ve listened to the whole podcast nut in reality I’ve only listened to 5 or 10 minutes as I’ve briefly come to during it. I get almost a weeks listening out of it that way

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I’m not sure I’d say anything in particular wrong, I just wouldn’t want to live there. It’s a small town, and honestly I can’t live anywhere not on the ocean or a large lake. I’m a water person.

It does have a reputation for meth as alluded to above but I honestly can’t speak to that.

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Every area in the US has some type of drug That’s a major problem. I live in South Florida, Lord knows all the shit going on down here! Doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to live

I lived in Spokane for two years. Like many mid-sized towns, it is booming because people are priced out of places like Seattle and California.

It’s a fine town. Our public school was exceptional. The trails and hiking are lovely. I didn’t totally love Spokane because it’s not a great foodie town, and mostly you get a solid slap of winter there. For a cyclist, it’s only a good 6 months of cycling and then a tough fall, snowy winter, and a tough early spring.

If you embrace winter you might love Spokane. Strap on skis every weekend and head up to Mt.Spokane. I bought XC skiis and would go around Manito park when there was snow on the ground. Get a fat bike and ride Riverside park in the winter.

There are homeless people down town. I never knowingly ran into any methheads but we did have people going through our neighborhood regularly checking cars for unlocked doors.

Overall, not a bad place to live if you embrace the winter but it’s not a road cycling paradise.


Same, the sooner they all get back around the same table the better tbh however with Chad now living so far away I guess that won’t happen.

I get that they can’t keep going over the same stuff over and over but the ‘banter’ element seems to have dried up completely. I think most people like a bit of piss taking every now and then.


I’m pretty sure that Chad mentioned in one of the podcasts that he’s a skier, so I bet he’ll be fine. Maybe he needs a bike with fenders for the shoulder season. Or he can do some hiking.

I have made noise in the past about the podcast getting to be far too long, but I’m surprised this is coming up now. With so many new things going on at TR, I thought it was a fantastic podcast this week that tried to address the questions we keep seeing here on the forums from multiple angles and explain what the changes are. I also got some good laughs from Ivy talking about “racks”, Jon asking Pete why he starts in the back of the pack, Nate saying “oh no, someone’s going to make a YouTube video”, etc. The question from a new Continental Pro was really interesting too.

I definitely wish we could get back to a shorter podcast just for my own personal time constraints, but this week a long podcast was definitely in order and I thought it was well done. As the old Jonathan would say, “Five Stars Fer Sher”.