I love how Train Now works for me!

I’m one of those people who ride my bikes every day, sometimes twice a day, plus I run and swim a bit too. I just love the feeling of riding and head out in all weathers, day or night, on and off road.
However sometimes I have a special race or two coming up so want to do a bit more focused training. Using plans doesn’t work for me as I’ll still head out the door to just ride my singlespeed mtb at the drop of a hat, but now with train now I can jump on the turbo when the mood takes me, start warming up and then decide how long I want to ride for and how much effort I want it to be. Usually do vo2 max as I’m racing cx but like tonight for example, I didn’t want to be wasted as I’m running a fast 5k in the morning, thus I picked an achievable 30min session.
It hit the spot perfectly. Nice one TR. You’ve nailed it.


Yes, I agree. It suits me particularly in summer when I’m riding my MTB outdoors a lot and don’t always want the session thats planned on TR for that day.
Pre TN i was often switching sessions around, deleting some, then looking in the search for another workout to replace the one I didn’t want.
Like today, I had nothing in my planned training. I had Doms after weights last night, so was thinking an easy-ish session of about 1 hour. Bingo, Mokelumne was suggested .Just what I wanted.
It’s good to see some positive feedback, and I’m sure the guys and girls at TR welcome any feedback.
I appreciate how much hard work went into getting this, and Adaptive training up and running ! :+1: :+1: :+1:


I agree. It is probably the best new feature in the last 2 years.