I ❤️CARBS! (and so should you!)

You should work with my wife. Unfortunately I don’t know if she’s taking new clients at the moment. She’s got all the knowledge I have, plus clinical experience and interest in T1D.

Actually… I’ll see if I can twist her arm into getting onto this forum. Doubtful. lol

If not, I’ll copy-paste you’re inquiry into an email to her and discuss with her at dinner tonight. It’s a very interesting topic to me too.

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I sure love my carbs and have enjoyed nice gains and recovery from increasing my carb intake over the past couple of years. However, I have not enjoyed the increased gas and bloating that has come along with it. During my last physical my doctor assured me it’s normal and nothing to really worry about. My friends, family, and girlfriend beg to differ. Honestly, it’s become quite uncomfortable and annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this? I thought it was just a lactose issue a few years ago and I cut that out with no noticeable difference. Over the past year or so I’ve been eating mostly oats/oatmeal for breakfast with no thought that this was a cause. Turns out oatmeal and Oat milk are some of the worst culprits. Apples, other fruits, and veggies like broccoli also cause problems.

If any of you here on the forum have experienced this, how have you been able to meet your carb intake along with reducing bloating and gas due to the high fiber that a lot of these foods have?

Sounds like you might look into some Low FODMAP carb options by the sounds of it… some of us have guts that are more ’tender’ than others! I’m certainly one of them. I have to be very careful I don’t stack FODMAPS too much each day. If you have no idea what FODMAPs are, I’d check out the Monash University FODMAP app which is the best go-to place for the most up to date info. The take-home is - if you’re willing to look into using low FODMAP carb options (even just lower than what you’re currently doing), you’ll likely experience less of the uncomfortable (and stinky!) experiences you’re currently going through.

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This. Exactly this. Also chat with a gastroenterologist.

@jasonfkolar see here:
Low FODMAPs Diet Information


Yep. Sounds exactly like me a few years back. Could not process carbs. All you describe plus heartburn, diarrhea, the lot. Gave em up went LCHF. Mainly to help my insomnia. Didn’t really bother about the GI issue too much as I put it down to just getting old. Last year it took a step turn for the worse. When I finally had it checked out they found a colon polyp the size of a tennis ball. Get it checked.


Thank you!

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I do have a family member who has been diagnosed with IBS and other GI issues however, oats are his go to to prevent his issues. Looking through the Monash app and the link you sent there seem to be a good amount of foods that are low in FODMAP but also high in fiber. A gastroenterologist visit will be on my schedule soon.

Thank you for the link and info!


Now I’ve resolved my gastro issues (a year of recovery with a month of low fodmaps to get going) I’m ok now with plenty of sugar on the bike. This is really giving my performance a boost, especially when using simple sugars for high intensity and fruits for lower ranges.

Recently though, given I don’t eat dairy or meat, I’ve tended to go to bakery mid ride for a snack and get simply some white bread rolls (Kaisersemmel/Laugenstange/Brezn, here in Austria at least) and it works really well. Adds a little bulk but also digests quick and then used up too. If I opt for this off the bike and it settles on my stomach, not so good :face_vomiting:

This just gave me a great idea! I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to fit my Easter egg into today’s calorie budget (fairly big restriction), and suddenly the answer is obvious…

I’ll be taking my Easter egg into the pain cave, and it’ll be replacing my normal in-ride carb source! I reckon one quarter of the egg each interval should do nicely. :crazy_face:


Or just eating carbs and not doing anything with them :grin:

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Now that should be TR marketing material! :rofl:

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Cant.t read all the comments, but I seem to gain weight when I “fuel” properly!!
Hoping it is muscle.
I am also over all less fatigued for the rest of the day after the workouts.

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Question is then: how much and over how long?

You might be getting more carb replete with better carb timing around your training. Carbs are stored with water when they’re stored in the muscle and liver as glycogen so it’s quite common for folks to gain weight when their carb timing improves around their training. This is a good thing! Common times it happens: starting a higher carb diet & the week after returning from vacation where carb timing was suboptimal or nonexistent. Not to mention carbs tend to attract water in the gastrointestinal tract, so if ever you increase carb content of a diet, that can also cause a bump up in weight.


How does this tie in with inflammation too?

I grew up in Asia and ate rice 3 times a day… I’m always in disbelief when people tell me carbs are bad for you or make you fat…


Each gram of glycogen = 3-4 grams of water, with about 5-700g glycogen in the body=1500-2800g water. So that is 4-6lbs of water weight alone!


Ok… I know this question is asked a million times, but hear me out.

I just tried 60g/hr during a workout (Gatorade + maltodextrin) and it was great. Taste was good and easy to drink. Am I still supposed to carb down post-workout too? It feels so wrong to me. Seems like an absurd amount of quick carbs. I just want someone to slap me and tell me what’s what.

Also, say you’re doing a 1hr workout, when should I finish ingesting carbs? Should I finish my bottle like 10-15 mins before the end?



how long was your workout and when is your next workout? Unless it is the following day just have a normal meal and continue to reload with complex carbs and veggies and protein