Hybrid Trainerroad, Gym and Outdoor program plan

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to put together a program for training using a combination of indoor workouts and supplementing with gym and outdoor rides.

I’ve found it hard to find good resources on the net that are specific so I’ve cobbled it together based on various articles. Time allowed is what I have available.

Goals are short TT on the road - 20-40km distance and on track the kilo and Individual Pursuit.

I would really appreaciate advice for incorporating the gym successfully into the program? E.g should I keep it as is or try and do another gym session but split it upper and lower. Should I add bike onto the same day. Do I have the correct exercises and rep range?

For the trainer road workouts I was thinking of adding general build workouts for Tuesday and Saturday.

Training Days

Monday – Day Off
Tuesday – Indoor Trainer 1.5hrs
Wednesday – Outdoor Hills Repeats 2hrs
Thursday – Gym 1.5hrs Full Body
Friday – Day Off/Recovery Ride
Saturday – Indoor Trainer or Track 1.5-2hrs
Sunday – Group Ride (Endurance) 2-3hrs

Full Body Workout (alternate between 3 x 15 or 3 x 5 and every second week is antagonist training)

Warm-Up 5 minutes
Barbell Squat
Split Squat
Romanian Dead Lift or Deadlift

Bench Press Or Dumbbell Press
Barbell Shoulder Press (Behind Neck) Or Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Barbell Upright Row Or Pull-ups
Barbell Bent Over Row Or Single Arm Row

Core Workout
Sit Ups
Foam Roller