Training Plan Help Needed (Indoor/Outdoor Cycling, Weight Training, Bootcamp class)


I’ve been consistently using trainerroad for 1.5 years. I’m getting burned out (mentally) by doing so much cycling specific training. Here is what I want to incorporate into my weekly training routine:

  • 1 day of weight training/gym work
  • 1 day of a High Intensity Internal Training bootcamp-style class
  • 1 long weekend outdoor ride day (4-5 hours long) or an indoor ride if weather is bad
  • 1 medium weekend outdoor ride (2-3 hours long) or an indoor ride if weather is bad
  • 1 to 2 days of indoor cycling using TrainerRoad

My short term goal is to complete a 3 day 400 mile ride in mid January. Can someone help me figure out a plan that incorporates these elements? Should I start with the Mid Volume Base Phase plan and just substitute the higher TSS TrainerRoad rides for my HITT class and gym day?

I would do low volume and substitute the Saturday’s ride for your long/medium outdoor weekend rides. I’d do TR rides either Tuesday or Thursday and substitute your boot camp for one of the interval days. Strength training can be fit in M, W, or F.

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Pretty much agree with @MI-XC. Mechanically, you can add a mid-volume plan, setting your Saturday and Sundays for “outdoor” versions of the workouts. Then go in and manually eliminate the Wednesday ride. That’ll get your fix of two weekday TR indoor rides and two weekend structured rides, leaving you Monday, Wednesday and Friday open for your strength day and your HIIT day. One day totally off is probably a good idea.

This is a lot of volume, though, and you should be prepared to adjust. In particular, watch that your strength work and HIIT class don’t push your legs over the useful limit of stress, as you’ll already have them loaded up from the cycling days.

Good luck!

Low volume, sweet spot.

Build each activity up slowly over time.