Training with no specific goals

I’m a gravity orientated MTB rider. I don’t race, though listening to the podcast is making me reconsider and I train on TrainerRoad to simply get more out of my rides. To spend less time climbing and have more power and energy reserves on the descents.

I tried a few other indoor training applications before settling into TrainerRoad in earnest at the start of the year and I’m glad I did. As I approach the end of SS-1 the climbs are easier and I’m breaking PRs both up and down the mountain.

My question is, how should I balance my indoor with outdoor work? This is the peak time of year for riding here (Melbourne, Australia) and I’m doing my three indoor sessions, plus 2 -3 outdoors (ranging from 1-2 hours long, 2 during the week and one on a Saturday / Sunday depending on who I can find to ride with). I’m only doing the training to enjoy time on the trails more, but the improvements from training is a big contributor to the amount of fun I’m having.

Any advice/experiences would be appreciated.


Are you having fun? If yes, just keep doing what you are doing. If no, then cut out one of the rides that is taking the fun away or causing too much fatigue. This could be an indoor or outdoor session.

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I agree with TGriz on this one :+1:

With three indoor sessions per week, that is plenty to see real performance gains out on the trail, especially with the added volume from your outdoor rides.

If you are happy with the current balance of training/riding, I’d say stick to it!

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So if I’m felling a little worn, am I better off dropping an outdoor ride or an indoor session. I can see positives to both (i.e. outdoor is what I’m doing it all for, indoor allows me to enjoy it more in the future).

I’d approach it slightly differently. The minimum you need to maintain your fitness is likely 2 hard (interval) sessions (60-90mins) and one “long” endurance ride (e.g. 2hrs+). Any of the 3 workouts can be done inside or outside, but you are likely to want to do the longer endurance ride outside. Given the nice weather, and if you have the terrain for it, perhaps you want to split the hard sessions (or do both indoors) and then add any more rides that you choose wherever/whenever. Of course, your hard interval days should include a day (or more) of recovery between them.

Look at the weekly weather forecast. If the weather is going to be great cut out an indoor ride. If the forecast is cold and rainy cut out an outdoor ride. Don’t over think it. You’re not getting paid to ride and you don’t race, just keep having fun. :grinning: