How to combine TR indoor workouts and outside riding

This question is for @AlexWild but i’ll be happy for all your responses.

How to you guys combine outside riding and indoor workouts and plans?

I ride road, mtb and cx so I have to do a lot of outside riding (not TR workouts, just skill or race specific riding).

Do you pick just 2 workouts from plan and do them inside and maybe one outside if it fits. Do you do two riding per day? Do you go outside right after the indoor workout? Or do you maybe somehow adjust outside workouts to fits outside?

Depends on why you are riding outside. If you are doing “training” rides then replace them for the TR workouts. If it’s race specific riding, why can’t that be your TR workout?
Also do the TR workouts outside instead of inside. Obviously, the CX and MTB skills need touching up, but I’d say that you need to balance it all. After all, if you’re not very fit, then it doesn;t matter how good your skills are.

hey @blind76 - weather is normally the big dictator of riding inside vs outside. That does not mean I am not doing specific workouts, I just prefer to do them outside if I can. I still stick to the numbers and am pedaling 100% of the time for those key workouts. Each of my rides have a specific goal power.

Weather permitting I do all my workouts outside, it really helps with compliance as I’ve been working from home for 20+ years and need to get out of the house (plus I love riding my bike).

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I try to hit my 3 indoor workouts to perfection on Tues/Thurs/Sat (I’m on the low volume plan) and then get an longer, albeit easy, ride on Sunday. It’s nice to ride outdoors - that’s why we do this after all - and it adds TSS.