Hustle City [Beta], Bike Messenger Game


This pleases me. A “Temple Run” model for indoor riding is a fun game concept.

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Yeah, it looks like something I want to try. It seems like a blend of a console game and indoor cycling. Cool concept that goes beyond any of Z’s poor attempts at “games”.

It’s early days for this genre.

Quake and Unreal Tournament were popular until they weren’t.

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I wonder if they are using hardware for the turning or the sensor in the phone and the thing under the front wheel is just to make it easier to turn without messing up your tire/floor. The g sensor + tilt sensors in most modern phones must be able to provide enough data to make precise steering possible, right?. Please, take my money.

All signs point to phone sensors for now, just like Zwift did for the 1st run at MTB steering.

The issue with the phone system is drift. Steering gets out of line a bit over time due to various lag issues. An actual steering device, like the Elite Sterzo Smart, are the better long term solution. They not only address the physical steering issues, but also provide consistent and repeatable steering input.