Zwift Mountain Biking and Steering

Updated with the links covering the official release info:

Original debut info:

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got dizzy watching Ray’s video.

IMO, I don’t want to spend any time developing muscle memory on my MTB for turning that isn’t on the trail.

(Interesting tech, just not something I’m interested in)


I’m sure my kids will love it, but with the hassle of getting their bikes setup we might as well go outside.

If you think that’s dizzying I saw a TikTok of a spin class with a massive simulator sized screen of them on a rollercoaster. :face_vomiting:

Yep. Seems like a game vs. something that will help your riding. If it makes indoor riding more interesting tho, there may be something to it.

Next question is can I go Zwift mountain biking on my road bike :rofl:

Steer like that in real life and you will end up in the hospital.

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I am hoping for an option to use the lean of a rocker plate, that is more realistic for turning on road and MTB.


I can see how that makes Zwift more engaging and I would imagine it will be popular as long as the turntable isn’t too expensive.

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A turntable won’t be required. Zwift app steering control can come from a phone via the Zwift Companion app.

All you need is a relatively low friction surface for the wheel/tire to sit on, so the wheel is able to turn. The DCR demo is a smooth wood piece. It’s the same concept I have used for years. I prefer the general freedom vs the locked wheel blocks of old.

You can improve the responsiveness with a simple DIY lazy susan mount our the existing Kinetic Turntable riser. for those who want a ready-made option.

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That’s interesting and almost not normal for the cycling world as everything always needs an expensive add on nowadays.


It sounds like Elite has a planned accessory for steering, which might integrate the control to Zwift. Tacx had one for use with their app and some of their older trainers. So those accessories have existed and will likely return based on the looks of things.

But Zwift isn’t stupid. They are walking the line and trying to keep the option of a low-cost and easy entry to their app. But they also want to support the more advanced uses.

It’s very smart for them to leverage the existing Companion app for a near instant entry when people want to try steering. It may lead to more purchases if the other devices offer advantages. Here are two I see that are very worth adding:

  • Less input/response lag for one thing… would be HUGE based on what I see in the DCR demo. They can look towards car and flight sim tech to get faster and more direct response.
  • Centering of the wheel and handle bars via spring or other force, to mimic the effect we get from the trail geometry in our bikes outside.

came here to post this! angle sensor on the upper plate would make much more sense!

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Well, I still think the phone and Companion app can be used. But the programming will need to look for “lean” as opposed to “turn” from the internal sensors. Ideally, it might be a blend of motions. But I think lean in general makes more sense from a purist / realism standpoint, as it relates better to how we turn outside.

However, since rockers and lean are not super common now, I think it makes sense for Z to focus on “steering” initially. I am hoping they make a user option to control the steering input, that will include “leaning” function.

In either case, I will be testing with my rocker as soon as I am able to access the control in the beta version.

I think the road experience should would be neat, being able to actually pick a draft or pull out wide to pass a group for an attack. Not necessarily for the realism of riding, but to move the avatar around


Yes, road placement in a group would be more fun and engaging. Add to the tactical side of racing, drafting and such. Then the ability to select direction at intersections while free riding and such would be fun and more interactive as well.

They had steering added in the app years ago, but held on to it. I am happy to see it in the open now and think it is a great addition with the goal of better interactivity. As an old sim car racer, I love the direction this and other steps are headed.

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Pretty cool the way they have it set up for MTB, but zero interest in it for the road. I use TR and Zwift for training and mostly just want to put my head down and do the work.

I like Zwift but really hope the gamification of it stays optional.

They need to add collision detection and steering to Zwift road events. Would be hilarious!

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Cool comments from Eric Schlange on the ZwiftCast, Ep 67

  • (12:00 for the start of the segment, about 13:45 to the “direction” aspect, 15:00 for lean).

I am excited to hear that “lean” might actually work for steering. It might be even more realistic to use with a rocker than I had first expected. Not sure what to expect if it’s even practical for rollers? :stuck_out_tongue:

If all this did was just let you “steer” a/k/a alter your course at a course junction by turning your bars it will be a huge new feature for roadies. I hate struggling to find then use the buttons on the iPhone app for that. Bonus points if a sharp turn of the bars selects the turn 180 and reverse course feature.

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