Move over Zwift! There is another silly cycling "game" in town that will surely get boring too after a while

I did the Zwift thing a few years ago and while fun for a bit and entertaining for my kids to watch, the novelty wore off quick like. TrainerRoad for me is the only indoor cycling platform that actually helps me get faster. It is interesting that they may have a little competition here soon.

Haha. I could never do either. It’s awkward enough explaining to people that I ride a stationary bike alone, late at night and I’m obsessed with it. Next year we’ll all be getting sold on wearing VR goggles while we’re on the trainer. I’d put money on that.


100% agree. But you know, there are plenty of folks who Zwift because it jacks up their annual Strava miles. If it keeps them fit and social over the winter, there’s certainly no harm. And generally, I don’t think they’re actually getting faster.

Me? I hate Zwift. And Strava. And most social media platforms. But I’m a weirdo.


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