Huel or other Meal Replacement Options

Looking at possibly switching to some sort of meal replacement to streamline nutrition for a few meals a day and looking for suggestions/feedback.

A quick search lead me to Huel as it seems like there are a lot of flavor options and the subscription makes it easy. They also have some actual meals (not just shakes) that aren’t as protein heavy as I wanted but would add some variety. Anyone try them?

I’m using Huel Black Edition chocolate for at least one meal…usually lunch. I’m also in a medically supervised weight loss program and the dietician says Huel is a decent meal replacement option. Taste is OK. It does have some texture and thickens up if mixed and left in the fridge. Normal portion is 400 cal/meal, but because I’m on a calorie-restricted diet, I’ve cut the portion in half per meal.

Huel is a great meal. One I have really stayed with. I used to go for the 2 scoops that puts it 400 calories. That amount made me very gassy. Annoyingly gassy. Have since gone to 1 scoop (200 calories) with 2 handfuls of mixed berries and a split between almond milk and water. Delish and keeps me satisfied till the next feed time.

Give it a try.

I have Huel Black Edition as an additional meal, rather than a meal replacement on workout days, largely to get the nutrients and protein in.

I have 2 scoops and agree with the others that it makes me a bit gassy, but I am a natural ectomorph so really need the extra calories/protein on workout days so my wife just has to put up with it :upside_down_face:

Good feedback guys, thanks.

Also been hearing the gas thing come up fairly often and it’s good to hear the half serving helps with that. I was actually thinking about cutting it in half and mixing it with some ultra-filtered milk as I heard it tastes better that way so it may be a win win there.

I’ve used Huel off and on for a few months. On days where I’m not needing to get extra carbs in, I have 400kcal of Huel and a cup of coffee for breakfast - then normal food the rest of the day and extra fuel on the bike/after. But on harder training days I just do a big bowl of whole-grain cereal instead - not much more calories but a little heavier on carbs and seems to get things topped up for the afternoon workout. I haven’t had any issue with gas or digestion even on days where I had Huel for breakfast and lunch (400kcal serving each) - but I’m a high-fiber eater so maybe my system is just used to it.