Huel for pre-workout

Hello all…

I am looking to maybe eat less garbage before my workouts… Mostly looking for stuff for pre hard/long workouts. Someone recommended Huel as an alternative.

Currently for hard workouts I have waffles (3-4 depending on the length) and a redbull (4 am wake times are rough). thats about 500 calories give or take depending of what i add to the waffles (sometimes nutela, others time with syrup). Any advise?

thanks all!

You might as well just make a smoothie - I don’t think Huel is any better for a preworkout and there’s nothing in it that you can’t just throw in a blender yourself. If anything, do overnight oats with some fruit and veggie and blend it for you morning workout. You can precook everything, throw it in a mixer, fine tune the taste and consistency and you’re done.


I’ve started using Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake Active (awful name I know) 400 kCals, 35g PRO, 31gCHO & 13g FAT, Cheaper than Huel and to me at least, a better taste and texture. Its also easier to mix and doesn’t come out clumpy. seems to be reasonably healthy with lots of “good” stuff added. If I want a few more carbs I just blend it with a banana and/or some berries instead of using a shaker.

Huel is just better marketed bullshit. Stick with the waffles and red bull or mix this:
50g table sugar + 50 g maltodextrin + a pinch of salt + 50 ml citrus juice in a 0.7 bottle. Can also add some coffein powder, but make sure to get your milligrams right.


Huel for pre-workorkout

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I have the same body type… and also building a pool… so I might be him

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A lot of the Huel flavors taste like there is bread mixed into it so I drink Soylent instead. Great for when you just need some calories in your stomach before heading out on an early team ride.


Or just microwave oats, milk and top with nuts or fruit, plus honey.

60 - 70g oats
225ml milk

Microwave for 1’50"
Microwave for 30"

Add blueberries (or not, or banana or strawberries) and 10-15 grams of nuts, and 10 - 15g of honey (two teaspoons or a table spoons)

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My wife uses huel for meal replacement as she is a teacher with hardly any time for a proper break. I take it occasionally and it tastes pretty good (we have the caffeine version). However for a preride shake I think it has to many fats, proteins and fibres in it. You could maybe add it with some maltodextrine to make it more carb heavy, but i dont think that would taste very good.

There are probably some more appropriate sport specific meal replacements out there.