How would you stretch traditional base I-III to 15 weeks?

I love plan builder, but don’t want to do SSB right now especially since my A race isn’t until the end of April. I don’t want to overdo it too early and burn myself out, which is easy for me to do! Working backwards from the event, I manually added Sustained Power Build and Climbing Road Race for specialty. That leaves me with 15 weeks of base counting this week. I’ve added TB II & III, but am now trying to figure out what to do with the remaining 7 weeks.

Any tips? I’m debating the 3 options below but would love any input! I’m all for fun rides outside as the weather permits, but having the structure keeps me on track. Thanks!!

A) Do Trad Base 1 twice, backdating to last week
B) Do Trad Base 1 once, Trad Base 2 twice
C) Trad base 1, 3 week DIY block (what kind though?) than Trad Base 2

If in doubt, choose whatever is more fun - however you define fun.

Would you rather do purely Z2, or mostly Z2?


I myself respond well to volume, so I would go with (C), with DIY part being same as TB I but substituting one day in week (Saturday?) with your own Sweetspot progression. This progression can be quite sharp (a la +2/week) because there is only single “hardish” workout per week, you will recover easily. And Saturday because on Sunday there is long Z2 and having those days back-to-back improves your fatigue restistance.


This is a great idea. I’ve found out this year that volume is key to me too. I’ve tried SSB MV in the past abd always got burnt out, but I can do 10 hrs/week with 2, maybe 3 harder rides.



Why not add additional weeks with a split of TSS from previous and following week?

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