38 Weeks out, 'new' to cycling

Hi all, I’m getting back into cycling after ~10 years. Been somewhat out of shape in the mean time. I’m 38 weeks out from an event I want to do, 2 days of 70+ miles in the mountains.

I read the ‘Too Much Time’ training question, so I figured I want to add base, but didn’t have the luxury of doing a second build phase.

I was thinking of filling the additional time by doing Traditional Base >SSB > Sustained Power Build > Century. My reasoning on doing a double base is because I need to build up what I consider to be no fitness. That puts me about 2 weeks over, however. Should I cut 2 weeks from Traditional Base since I’m doubling my base? Or perhaps skip a block of traditional base, and have 2 extra weeks just in case stuff comes up.

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Yeah, I think some Trad Base is a fine start, but that is also the best place to cut.

I had the same problem – too much time (you soon realize that this is never the case!).

I’m doing: full base, full build, half base, full build, specialty.

This put me 2 weeks over my target ‘A’ event so I chopped the 2 rest weeks from the first full build phase. So far so good.

I’m not sure doubling up on the base phase is necessary. If you don’t have a LOT of time per week to do the Trad, then I’d just go with SS low vol. It’s not that intense, you can always add extra endurance/traditional base-like rides, and your fitness will return surprisingly fast. Probably the biggest shock to the system will be going from Base I plan to Base II after you get a new FTP level.

Maybe your suggestion to “skip a block of traditional base, and have 2 extra weeks just in case stuff comes up” is the best, cuz life likes to interrupt (illness, etc.).

Btw, which mountains are you riding? :+1: