How to view workout library on an Android phone?

Well, that specific example was pulled via a PC app, with notably more space than mobile apps.
I grabbed that example specifically to show the common association between the symbol and word.

For another reference the current TR Workout filters on the web page are purely text. This is probably due to the greater space available to them via that port (PC).

Please note that I also included a quick screen grab of the other two common symbols that are widely used, especially in mobile apps that have much more space restriction. I didn’t bother to grab specific examples of other mobile app filter icon use. But as noted already by several others, it is quite typical. I expect that you can find it in many apps that allow filtering.

The point being that people can and do mix their use depending on the device and available space, and essentially, there is not one “perfect” solution.

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I think people are more pushing back against your insinuation that using such an icon is a symptom of some very modern, less-usable Web design… because it’s not. You can complain about whether you like a user interface design. You can complain about the discoverability of features – although it’s long been the case that anything that kind of looks like an icon in a computer UI probably can be clicked on. But don’t try to imply that it’s new just because you didn’t get it.

The “newer” default Office ribbon interface uses a mixture of large-icon-with-text, small-icon-with-text, and small-icon-only entities. The older interface was small icons (no text) and menus.

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Jpowers, the point that you seem to be ignoring over and over is usability.

Many modern and old usability gurus hate the 100% icon approach.

You seem to want to belittle my lack of icon knowledge. I hope that makes you feel superior.

everybody needs to chill, and stop attacking the person.

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Excel for phone doesn’t label any icons :nerd_face:

I used to be enthusiastic in using this forum but in the last few months i have had too many instances of people taking the p*ss or making one feel belittled. Very sad. I can assure these people that they very definitely wouldnt say things in the same manner to my face.

How sad that a cycling forum where we are all meant to help each other can so quickly degenerate. They should be ashamed.

What a miserable outlook one or two have, that seem to want to belittle others or show superiority in some way, and spoil it for others.

I was only asking for help for Pete’s sake.

Very disappointing.

Sure :slight_smile: Discourse emojis are a bit limited as far as toolbar corollaries.

IMHO discussing UI design is like arguing over a Picasso painting, some people are going to love it and think it genius, and others are going to hate it, and some will walk past and not even look :smiley: