Workout filters on mobile view of website

Hi , I have a bookmark on my phone (iphone 6s) for the workouts page on the website . I use this rather than the app for filtering workouts as it has better filters for duration and other categories.

But in the last couple of days the way it is presented means the ‘update workouts’ button (the one that applies the filter) has disappeared off the top off the screen (as a large banner is there) so it can’t be pressed. Is there a view that has changed or a setting i can update on my phone so i can use it again?

Or is the release for better filtering on the phone app imminent?


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I just took a look and was able to reproduce the bug you’ve described, I’m really sorry for the trouble. This seems like it was an oversight that occured when making design changes to the banner.

I have reported this to our Design Team, and they should be able to take a look at it today and hopefully come up with a solution :+1:.


Just hit the refresh button:

That’s been working for me on iPhone.

You’re absolutely right, thanks for the tip @bbarrera!

It sounds like the team has been working on a fix for this, and it should be pushed to production shortly.

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Fantastic, thank you

Cheers, great service (again!) from the TR team