Using TR calendar on web

Hi, does anyone else find the use of the TRcalendar on an android web browser incredibly difficult? It’s very slow and unresponsive, laggy and difficult to use. I’m following a triathlon plan and so need to use the web browser to view swim and run workouts. Also, I can’t seem to change the workout dates on the android web browser. When I click on the workout date, nothing happens. Anyone else having the same problems. Hope this can get sorted out soon. The app is great, but the web experience not quite so!


Yeah, I find it to be close to unusable on android. I always pull out my laptop if I’m going to be making calendar changes.

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Yes, on phone with chrome and Android using the TR website is pain. Sometimes the scrolling doesn’t work at all. Sometimes you can’t click on rides etc.

I have a galaxy tab A and I’ve had good luck using ‘request desktop site’ option in chrome. Doesn’t work on my galaxy phone though.

I have problem with scrolling on chrome (android). Anything else works greate.

test out firefox browser, may work a little better but yes VERY SLOW

ps recently switched to iOS :wink:

I’ve found that the scrolling works after you hit refresh. Nonetheless, it’s still a pain.

I imagine it won’t improve, unfortunately. How long has it been since shortcuts were created for PC and saying Mac would happen but hasn’t :sob:

This is often the case with web apps and apps as it is difficult to deliver the same functionality/features and user experience on all devices.

You will find that TR will probably release features to app that are related to when you are training first and features related to “admin” to desktop first.

So if it is not in the app, they want you to interact with that feature via a laptop/desktop or possibly tablet.

Yes. Calendar on my android phone is insanely slow. Not an issue for me because I use mac to check out calendar more but agree it could be better

I am a happy user of the TR app on my Android, it works great. Because I use the app I’ve never had to load the Calendar using the browser version on my phone. I occasionally use the web app in my laptop, I haven’t experienced any issues with it, using Chrome or Firefox on Ubuntu Linux.

I have a scrolling problem on iPhone web browser. The calendar jumps forward/backward a block of days periodically. It makes the calendar very difficult to use.

I’ve reported it, and was told it’s a known error. Still waiting for a fix.

Hey there!

I’m really sorry to hear that your expeience on the web has not been nearly as seamless as it should be :pensive:. May I ask what Android device you are using?

One thing that can really help with lagginess and responsiveness is closing out all non-essential background apps to free up your phone’s memory for other processes. Oftentimes, this is an easy and quick fix to web issues like this.

I have also asked a Support Agent to reach out to you using the email attached to your acount, so keep an eye out for an email from us, we hope to get this issue sorted out ASAP.

And to anyone else experiencing bugginess on the TrainerRoad Web application, please reach out to us at It is our goal to eradicate bugs, and your reporting them is a crucial first step of the process :slight_smile:

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Hi all.

We do have a known issue in regards to how the website functions on Android devices.

As @runriderandi mentioned, a page refresh should hopefully “fix” most of the problems that you guys are running into (at least for that browsing session).

This issue is in the backlog and will be addressed eventually, but I do not know exactly when that will happen unfortunately.

Thanks for your patience with this one!

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Running it in Desktop mode is the only way to make it halfway usable for me (Galaxy S8), but even then it’s incredibly slow and I try to avoid using it on my phone and especially not for anything other than “simple” things like checking a workout description (which usually involves a few finger presses of different lengths with delays in between to make sure I don’t start dragging workouts to other places…).


HI Bryce,

I’m using Samsung Galaxy s6. Closing all other apps and refreshing the browser doesn’t help.

It seems like I’m not the only one with this problem.


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Hey TR reps, Ming Chung, a TR Software Quality Assurance Analyst, previously told me these bugs should be squashed by April.

Is this not the case now?

Hi everyone - Not wanting to resurrect an old thread unnecessarily but this is the closest I can find.

Have the above and other little Android issues from earlier this year been resolved now?
(have not used TR for months, just coming up to renewal and with winter coming am trying to decide what to use for the next 5-6 months - all of these bugs (TSS zero, TSS incorrect, numbers wrong way round, not scrolling, not refreshing, workouts disappearing etc) were minor but added up to a really frustrating experience on Android, which is how I am most likely to use whichever software I decide to go with).

Hey @boombang,

I just chatted with our Development Support Team and unfortunately, the scrolling issue was harder to fix than anticipated and has been backlogged for now :pensive:.

As for the other bugs, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team describing each of the issues you were experiencing in detail. They will be able to say for sure whether we have fixed them or not. You can reach them at, and they will get back to you by the end of the day.