Feature Request - Search by keyword(s) in workout description

:wave:; gist is that I’d like to be able to search by keyword when looking for workouts, e.g. “racewinners” – there are certain attributes I can’t easily search by otherwise, but indexing that content and affording keyword search would be a nice incremental improvement to that aspect of TR’s functionality.

Which app version (PC, Mac, mobile, or web)?

AFAIK, you can already search in all of those.

It varies on each one a bit, but go into the Workouts section in any of them and you should see a “search” box. There are also filters that allow additional refinement.

Give me your specific situation, and I will try to find screen shots if the text above doesn’t help.

  • Mac desktop (+ iOS, but not including images of that right now)
  • No “filters” that I see that allow me to search workout description text
  • Try searching ‘racewinners’ in the search input you mentioned – that’s in the Junction workout description but doesn’t return a search result

This works in browser (Mac, Chrome).

Checked just now and also used it this week for over-unders.

The filter is the blue box with the white funnel in the top section of your 1st screen shot.

Click that and you will have lots of options in there.

I tried searching like you on Android mobile with no luck. But the web search does work.

So it looks like the mobile search is not as comprehensive. I am hoping they are addressing this in the total workout search, tag, sort reboot. They are rebuilding it to be identical between all platforms.

Yeah, there are some categories, but ‘racewinners’ if that’s informally thought of by Chad & Co. as a category isn’t listed there, at least in the context I described.

Sounds good re: work to make search consistent across platforms. That’s one case where I’m not really likely to go searching for feature variability across the different ways I use TR services.