Search by workout type

Is there a way to search the workouts by type in the Android app? The filters that are available online are awesome (endurance, tempo, VO2, etc.) but it’s a lot more convenient to use the app for my day to day.

There is! If you just click the little funnel button in the upper right hand corner of the app, you can filter the workouts just like online and on the desktop apps. Here is an article that explains how to do this:

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Found it. Awesome! I’ve been using TR almost a year now and I’ve never noticed the funnel.

I’m going to throw a twist on this and would love see a search by specific type. So if I typed “over unders" or “race starts” among other monikers into the search bar I’d see those types of workouts. I just found a few that work like that hard starts and strip sets which is super cool and useful. Is there a list of phrases like these that work for searching work out types? For my taste over unders is the only one I’m really lacking now

You can already do this on web, but not on the mobile apps

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Open in a browser on your phone, and search just like on a computer.