How to skip FTP test after previous AI FTP detection and training plan adjustment

Hey everyone!

Big fan of TrainerRoad here, made some awesome progress with it already and looking forward to another year of improvements.

I’ve encountered multiple glitches, but latest two got me stuck for my workout. After entering an A event to my training plan, TR failed to adjust the week before the event. This meant it gave me my usual workouts, even with a 2:00 hours Sweet Spot training on the day of my 14 hours event.

This persistant issue led me to deleting my training plan, and creating a new one with the scheduled event already in it from the start. This adjusted the week before the event to what it should be, BUT the new schedule meant my Recovery weeks got rescheduled. This in turn meant 2 recovery weeks within one month, so also 2 FTP tests within a month.

My next “training” is the FTP test, but AI FTP says I already did the detection. As last FTP detection was 3% (10 watts) too low, I’ve set a manual FTP. I know the FTP was too low because of my watts in a recent iTT race and an Excercise test I did. The AI FTP detection would either let me acccept the old suggestion or keep the manual FTP, but it wouldn’t let me change the FTP test to a workout.

How can I easily swap the FTP test? Do I just delete it? What workout should I do instead?

Thanks a million!

I usually copy next week’s workout out AT will handle the rest

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