No tests and no FTP change in a long time, w/time off?

EDIT: To save people reading the thread, per the folks who responded below, I should’ve noticed I was overdue, added a Ramp test to my calendar, and hit the AI FTP button. I just did that (and am pleased that despite my wobble in training I’m still marginally further along, rather than behind as I expected to be).

Just curious about what might be going on (or what I might have done) that would cause TR not to update my FTP (no tests, no automatic changes) since August 7.

I missed significant time and annotated that, but no downward adjustment was made. Missed most of a month, then another two weeks shortly afterward! Ech… Now I’ve been back at it for a few weeks, and I feel like having moved on to VO2 workouts I’m struggling even more than expected. And that may not be the case (that is, it may be more than I expected to struggle, but normal?). Everything may be fine, but I’m puzzled because that seems so long to go without a test even normally (we’re certainly way out past 4-6 weeks between tests), and then to have no changes after missing so much time seems weird.

Or have I just managed to place my mayhem to neatly eviscerate the gains I’d made and place myself coincidentally right where I was in early August? (I’d half expect to be behind that point given my time off…)

AFAIK TrainerRoad has never altered your FTP without telling you and it would have to be a manual change.


Maybe I read your post wrong .
They don’t automatically update your ftp, the only way is by ftp tests (ramp, 8 minute, 20min, etc.), manually updating your ftp or hitting the AI ftp detection button. So if you miss time it’s up to you if you want to manually change, take a test or hit the wonderful Ai ftp button.


I guess the puzzling part is that it never suggested an FTP test over that span of time.

I suspect what’s happened here is that my mayhem resulted in me taking time off during the period it would have scheduled a test, and I just haven’t found the button yet. I’ll go back to looking for that; so far I’ve only used it when it was offered as an alternative to ramp test.

So it’s probably not TR, and rather than something I did, it’s something I didn’t do… But still likely user error. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you have a new plan created that you’re following a ramp test should pop up with the ftp detection button. If you don’t then you can schedule the ramp test and the button should show up. if you don’t want to go that route then do whatever test you’re used to doing.
Finally, if the button doesn’t show up on a scheduled ramp test then follow this link…

Reaching out to is usually a fast way to get help.

I was confused about the possibility of there being an AI FTP Detection button without scheduling a ramp test. I’ve since scheduled one and hit the button. Thanks for your help!

Part of the confusion is that it’s been changes cropping up in an ongoing training plan rather than a new plan; I’d expect TR to place ramp test at the start, and another every so often in line with their “test every 4-6 weeks” guideline. I think one of my “surprise” time off blocks probably wiped out one of those tests; I think the surprising aspect of this was that even after annotating (not just failing to do workouts) in the recalculating it didn’t schedule a ramp test, but that gets off into analyzing a wildly flailing series of unexpected changes, and it probably makes more sense to just use common sense about scheduling a ramp test and hitting the button than trying to figure out which of my annotations maybe possibly should have caused a ramp test to be added.

Thanks again!

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