How to see past planned workouts on the calendar?

I have just started with TR so forgive me if I am just being a noob. I had to adlib a bit on my ride yesterday due to weather conditions (50-60km/h gusty wind not good for controlled intervals) and want to compare what I did to what I was supposed to do but I can’t see yesterdays planned activity, only what I actually did.

This is in the web app, not on mobile.

I’m not sure if this works for outdoor workouts, but for indoor workouts, if you are looking at the workout you did, you can scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see “Source Workout”. Clicking on the little workout icon will open a new tab in your browser and that will show what you should have done.


Aha thanks! Thought it was likely a noob thing. I was expecting to see both on the calendar but this makes sense.