Workout disappeared from calendar?

I opened the app a few minutes ago to look at the workout I have scheduled tonight, and it is missing. Earlier today I changed it from an outdoor to indoor workout (clicking on the “view online” button from the app). But now it is totally missing from the app and online calendar.

I did do an additional endurance workout yesterday (Baxter +1), did TR delete the one from today because I did baxter yesterday? I am using a LV plan, so I guess it would kind of make sense that TR would think I’ve already done the work by doing an extra workout?

The workout still pushed to my Garmin, so at least I can remember what it was and still do it later.

Hey! Best to reach out to the support team for stuff like this ( so they can look at your calendar and see whats going on!
Sorry for the trouble.

I deleted the plan and created a new one. I didn’t think the one I had set up was meeting my goals (too much base…I already have base and need intensity). So I’ll see if that happens again.

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