Feature Request - Past Workouts

What’s up y’all!

Apologies if this has been requested before. I searched and didn’t see this one specifically.

On days that workouts are repeated in the future, it’d be great to be able to quickly access the last X amount of times that workout has been completed and review any notes associated with each of the sessions.

I believe I saw a request for the ability to analyze those workouts, which I’ll +1 that as well.

Overall, the goal would be to get a sense of progress by quickly accessing other completed sessions on the workout day. I would imagine there’s a data opportunity for TR to mine from the notes as I would guess this could cause an increase in users adding notes to the field (that is a bit buried at the moment.

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Go to your career, past rides and search.


Another option is to open the workouts on the website, and look at the “My Rides” tab at the bottom of the page.

Not sure id these both cover what’s requested, but they are worth a look.

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Thanks @ericallenboyd @mcneese.chad.

Was thinking more in line with the workout day in the app. While new to TR, I find myself clicking in to the calendar then the workout for the day to look at summary. I imagine as I get more familiar with each workout it’d be good to see with a click what I did on the past (and any notes I made).

From a UX standpoint, it would make looking at progress quicker & easier.