How to schedule two and a half weeks on followed by recovery?

I know this topic has been explored in the past but I cannot find suggestions that meet my specific issue. I’m probably just bad at searching. :slight_smile:

I usually do a high-volume plan with my work days on Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri, with endurance/recovery on Wed-Sat-Sun. Rather than the ‘normal’ three weeks of this followed by a week of recovery, I’ve found that I perform better with this setup:

Week 1: Normal
Week 2: Normal
Week 3: Do the Mon/Tues workouts and then recovery/endurance for the rest of the week

My question is how to build this in plan builder. My inclination would be to just schedule a normal plan, and replace workouts with endurance/recovery as needed. However, that would mean the ‘normal’ rest weeks would often occur when I want a work week. For example, the fourth week of the plan would usually be a rest week, but I would want to work that week because I had just rested during the second half of the third week. In that case, would it be best to just grab workouts from week five and let plan builder update? Or would it be better to schedule every third week as an ‘off’ week and let plan builder adjust after seeing what I did?

Wow, I’ve really confused myself typing this all out. Thanks for any advice.

I would run plan builder and then set up an annotation for the periods that don’t agree with what you want and use trainnow or manually select sessions when those periods occur. Say 2.5 weeks of plan builder (on), then annotation/ recovery week, then resume the plan builder plan.

I’m confused about how annotations work. I just added one to my calendar and it didn’t do anything. It looks like a comment. It doesn’t affect the actual calendar. Am I missing something? I’d like to go to a 2:1 schedule (2 weeks on, 1 week off). But for the life of me, I can’t figure out to edit the calendar to do this.

You want a time off annotation. If you select the adapt plan option once you add one it’ll remove the unwanted workout/ period and leave a space for your recovery week. I might be skipping over some steps as I am writing this having just woken, if so this may fill the gaps:

I’ll have to reach out to support and see what to do. I added a Time Off annotation to my planned rest week (a LV plan with three low intensity endurance WO’s). It added the annotation to the week, but never prompted me to adopt the plan, and it didn’t move or remove the existing three workouts.

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