Best way to move work week and recovery week

What is the best way to swap work and recovery weeks taking into account Plan Builder and Adaptive Training? When Plan Builder created my plan, it made some questionable choices that I’d like to adjust.

Here is what it originally created. (calendar: - TrainerRoad)
w1: base
w2: base
w3: base
w4: base
w5: base <== swap
w6: recovery <== swap
w7: build
w8: build
w?: time off
w9: recovery <== move to week 13?
w10: build
w11: build
w12: build
w13: base
w14: base
w15: base
w16: base
w17: base
w18: recovery
w19: build
w20: build
w??: time off
w21: recovery

I would like to swap week 5 and week 6 in a way that has minimal impact on AT and Plan Builder. Is the best way to drag individual workouts between the weeks? Or would it be better to try and use the “Move Week” feature?

Then, I would also like to insert a week of recovery into the 8 solid weeks of work (w10 through w17). Is there an easy way to move Week 9 to Week 13, and shift 10, 11, 12 up a week?

Ultimately, my goal is to have a more balanced training plan with 3:1 work to recovery.


I would at a time off annotation to week 5 (do some Train Now recovery stuff then) and see how Plan builder builds around it.

Yeah, I think the approved method is the “time off” annotation. Nate said a little while ago it should adapt the recovery week to be workouts, but I’ve just done it for the new year period and it didn’t add any workouts.

HLab’s suggestion is reasonable. The other thing you can do, which is what I’ve done in the past and for other time off in December, is to go to the week before and edit the date so they fall the next week. You can do it for the whole week and it’ll maintain the connection to AT. It’s a bit of admin though.