How to pick supplementing workouts for my SSB-LV plan

as I like to do group and MTB rides, I’ve picked the SSB-LV plan to have some spots left for outdoor rides. I’m now asking myself how do I pick a good/fitting workout, if I want to supplement my low volume base plan with an additional workout from time to time. Are there go to workouts? I’m kinda lost in the sheer amount of workouts.


It depends on your goals, your current fitness, you strengths and weakness and so on. However, my advide would be to add either social rides or rides that allow you to focus on technical skills - especially if you do a lot of mountain biking.

To most people the low volume plans gives you sufficient fitness stimulus. But a high fitness level usually is not enough to race mtb. You have to know how to descent, corner and so on in order to make use of your gained fitness.

He Jacob, thanks for you feedback. I’m already racing Enduro races, but I lack fitness. That was one of my main motivations to start with TR. But as I can ride my MTB in mud and cold weather, I’m currently enjoying my last sunny road bike weeks. That was the reason to ask for good workouts to pick to supplement my low volume sweetspot base plan. Otherwise I would just ride my hometrails :smiley:


Use TR and stick to the LV plan, it will make a huge difference if you’re not already into structured training. Spend the rest of the time on the trails :ok_hand: