How to make the most of an injury?

Scenario: first year of structured training, half way through build phase, injured.

How do I salvage the year and set myself up for a successful gains next year?

I expect to be unable to train seriously for about 3 months, which would put me at mid October. I plan to do some body weight training (one leg squats, etc), and light trainer/gym bike spins during my down time.

Then what? If the plan is to start Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume in early to mid December, what do I do to best prepare myself for that? I hate to lose all my gains but I expect to drop 20-30 watts over the 3 months of down time… how do I best salvage this season’s training to carry over into next season’s?

6 week build with long gravel rides on the weekends? Maybe a few cross races sprinkled in?

Greatly appreciate any and all input!!

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I’m also interested in this. Anyone have experience with recovering from mid-season injuries?

Perhaps a little more specific information on the nature of your injury might help?

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I ruptured the bicep tendon in my right arm. Surgery is next week and I will be unable to bend the arm for 5-6 weeks, starting PT after that.


I personally think you spend the time having fun. Cross races and gravel rides sound great if your arm is up to it. Maybe do a bit of some other sport? Go running, play some football/soccer, whatever, get out there and have fun and then be mentally ready for the proper training to start again in December.

I’m tempted to say: Don’t. Prioritise recovery, work with a physio, and don’t direct your body’s resources away from healing itself.

But it depends a bit on what you injury is and how it impacts what you can do on the bike. Can you go swimming or walking? Can you work on flexibility and core strength? All in all 3 months isn’t a long time, its a slightly extended off season. Just make sure you’re fresh and ready to hit it again in December.


Yeah… that sounds nice. I guess my fear is just beginning base training at a lower FTP than I started this season with, and not being able to build on the gains I made this season.

As I said, this is my first season with structured training… I started at 3.88 w/kg and was at 4.18 3 weeks before the injury. I was hoping to continue to build on this but my fear is that I will essentially lose all that I’ve gained, and then some, and ultimately not become any stronger next season than I was able to achieve this season.

I am aware of my lack in training knowledge and experience, so this may be quite foolish… but I tend to be pessimistic about such things.

With a structured base plan I reckon it’ll come back really quickly, especially once you hit the latter part of SSB2 with the much-loved Spencer / Lamarck / Leconte combo.

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Nice. Thanks for the input! Definitely encouraging. I imagine I’ll be itching to get out and just enjoy myself anyway, not roll straight into training. Weather will be getting nice around these parts right about the time I’m cleared to ride!

It’s been 5-6 years since my bicep tendon and supraspinatus (rotator cuff) repairs. Long surgery, long recovery. My doc encouraged me to get back on the back for EASY spins twice a week, about 3 weeks after surgery. Wore my sling in the gym and sat upright on the Stages gym bikes. Those had power meters so it was easy to keep it mellow. Talk with your doc and listen to your body.

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My doc did say he’s very conservative with recovery… I’ve yet to ask him specifics but hopefully will get to talk with him some more before the surgery. I would think easy trainer spins would be no issue, but I will be wearing some type of cast that needs to stay dry… so I assume I should do my best to keep from sweating.

My shoulder upper arm were in wrap similar to an ace bandage. Mine I removed it and just covered the incision sites with dry gauze and medical tape when I got in my trainer. This was the docs recommendation. Ask about it. Just don’t start anything too soon. I couldn’t do intervals the first 3-4 weeks but I was able to put enough power down to do some good Z2 rides. Which salvaged most of my FTP. I was back to normal FTP by the end of SSB1 MV

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I was lucky enough to have everything done arthroscopically with only 4 tiny holes and two anchors.

3 holes for mine. Should be for most shoulder surgeries unless it’s a total reconstruction.

4th hole for the bicep tear

Ah yes. Mine was only a SLAP tear to the labrum

I’m gonna have a 2” horizontal cut just below the inside of the elbow.

Take it easy and get well soon! :muscle:t3:

How does one rupture a bicep? Iron cross on the rings? :thinking:

Downed tree branch at about chest level sticking out into the bike path… tried to shove it off the trail as I was riding by. Branch didn’t give, my arm did.