How to fit gym sessions in to TR plans


I’m pretty new to TR - I’m training for two Ironman events in 2020 - I’m pretty surprised at given how much the podcast stresses the benefits of gym work into all forms of cycling that there are no scheduled gym sessions in the plans.

I have a really hectic life (as many of us do:)) so I look at the plan and then think how am I going to squeeze on top another two gym sessions (2x40mins or so) a week

Any generalised best suggestions. In case it’s applicable my ability in the sports…

I swim about 1hr Ironman Swim
Current FTP is about 310 (82kg) (should be around 4w/kg by race day)
Run - 3hr 30min Ironman marathon pace

I was thinking of reducing swims (my weakest but then only 10% of the race and I feel Ive more or less plateaued anyway)

Any thoughts welcome