How to fill a gap between phases


I am new in Triathlon an started the low volume OD Base Plan in November with no specific goal for 2019.

Now i have signed up to a OD race in May. So I planned the Specialty and the Build Phase backwards from race day.
Now there is a gap of ~ 5 Wekks between the end of my current base plan and the timed start of the build phase… (i hope you understand my bad written english…).
Should i repeat the base phase to fill the space between the two phases or should i go on an stretch the build oder specialty phase in some way?

Thanks for help!

Jens from Germany

Everyone is different but in my experience, as a family guy, school holidays in February and April can take up three weeks, the other two could go due to work pressure or illness.

So I’m would continue training in plan, and revisit the plan as the months go by. Insert some focus weeks on swimming and running if you get closer to the date without missing your planned weeks.

Good luck!

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In those five weeks I would do the first four weeks of SSB base and then the sixth week of SSB base


Both sets of feedback work well here. I’m personally an advocate for leaving some wiggle room in case life happens and you can’t train for some reason (work, travel, being sick, etc). If you choose to fill the 5 weeks with another training plan, you can choose from either repeating the Olympic Distance Tri Base plan, or trying the Sweet Spot Base plan like @trpnhntr said. If you go this route, I’d still recommend following the swim/run instructions from the Tri-specific plan since SSB won’t contain anything except for cycling workouts.


Thank you all for your answers.
I think i will go on with the build plan.

Happy new year to everybody!