Deleting a plan

Hi, I started a plan and accidentally added a second. I now have two rides scheduled for some days. I searched for the topic and found how to delete a plan from my career page but only one plan is listed. Any ideas about where this second plan is stored and how to remove it? I could individually remove each session but I don’t know which session relates to which plan. Thanks.

Click on the annotation at the beginning of the plan in the calendar

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Could you possibly screenshot this and highlight please? I can’t see an annotation to click although I manually deleted what I think is the first session of this plan to see if it would delete it all. Could that be why I don’t see it?

Edit: I’m on iOS also. Is it possible on the app?

Just added this as a test and yes it is possible. Here’s some screen shots:

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I also messed with deleting the first ramp test and the annotations are still there.

If you still don’t see it then you could either go to the website and do a ctrl+F to try to find the annotation. You can also contact if you can’t figure it out. Could be a bug.


Thank you so much for effort and help :pray:
Took me a minute to get to but I found it all.

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