Can't remove my training plan


When I click on the training plan it loads forever so I can’t remove it because nothing shows up and never loads.

What’s wrong? How to remove the plan or load it without a problem to remove it in the next step?


You need to go back to the date you loaded the first week of the plan and click the week 1 base plan and then delete entire plan. All your workouts will be saved. And you should be able to start again.

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This question comes up fairly frequently.

It leads me to a Feature Request or two.

  1. Make the Plan start annotation much more "visible and/or unique " so its easier to identify on the calendar.

  2. Consider making it possible to either jump to the annotation above (plan start) or add the option to delete the entire plan from other annotations within the plan.

Thoughts, @Bryce?

I think OP’s issue may be a different issue actually and related to an issue I’ve come across today. I was trying to make some edits to my plan, but when you click on any of the annotations, all I get is the spinning red loading wheel and nothing ever loads. It sounds like OP is having a similar issue. I thought it was my internet since we’ve been having issues, but it sounds like I’m not the only one seeing similar behavior.

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Seen this as well. I presumed it was related to altering (pushing a week, for example) of a plan builder built plan (that was a weird string of words!). Anyway, i have seen this behavior too. :slight_smile:


Hmm, that’s an interesting thought. I haven’t pushed any weeks but I have moved individual workouts to different days. It’s not a big deal for me as I was just going to change the days my workouts fall on, which I can do manually, but for someone in OP’s position, that’s a problem if that results in being unable to delete a plan.

This is probably worth a support ticket in OP’s case.

I just did this. Scrolled back to Week 1 and deleted Plan Start. The past three weeks worth of incomplete TR workouts were deleted. All future WOs are still on my schedule. I have to click Clear Week from this week until end of September.

Also, phase headings from previously deleted plans still show up in my calendar. All the way through November. Specialty. Recovery Week.

Follow up. Rather than Clear each week through September, I used Plan Builder to create a new plan, starting July 12. I assumed the new plan would override the old plan. It did not.

I was trying to remove it by the training plan on the first week but without a luck - after clicking on that it was loading indefinitely.

Now I tried once again and it worked.
It seems it was something temporary.

Thank you :slight_smile:

We can close the topic.

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It seems that both of these suggestions could enhance the user-friendliness of Plan Builder and could help make the process more intuitive for more people, with few (if any) drawbacks. Of course, this change may be much more complicated to implement that it appears on the surface, but I will mention it to the team for consideration :+1:.