How to adjust training when Racing weekly

I’ve just started road racing and the race calendar is busy most Sundays. My question is: do I complete the workout plans as normal or do I adjust my workouts?. If so, how? I’m currently mid way through speciality phase mv. I tapered for the first race but if I then race the following weekends what do I do? Your assistance is much appreciated.

Enter them into Plan Builder! :slight_smile:

Have you categorised the races? A race, B race etc… I don’t imagine that you’ve got them all as A races.

Personally, I’d look at C races as training and swap out a threshold or VO2 session. For B races, I think about what I’m hoping to learn or test so I’ll adjust my plan accordingly. For A races, I’ll follow a taper. That taper has usually been created for me via Plan Builder.


dont taper for every race, just the really important ones, or you’ll lose the ability to get to your truly best fitness possible. This is referred to as “training through”.

you can keep a high intensity session on Tues, Moderate on Wednesday, Endurance Th, off fri, openers sat, RACE sun, rest mon, repeat!



yeah we really need to know more about your season in order to advise you. Like, are there any races you particularly want to do well at bc the courses suit you, any that you’re less concerned with, etc.