Racing at the end of Rolling Road Race Low Volume

I’m starting week 7 of 8 of the Rolling Road Race Low volume plan and am slightly confused by the weekly instructions.
I would like to do a weekly training race starting this week or next. I don’t have an A race. I am
just working on doing something new and fun instead of triathlons.

The week 8 instructions says:

“Entering what’s likely to be your first of many Race weeks to come (assuming you’re not already racing), you’ll need to decide which workouts will take place indoors and which will be skipped in lieu of training races or higher-priority events.”

Does this mean I can just substitute one of the 3 workouts for my weekly 45-60 minute training race? Do I do the 3 weekly workouts and the race? Does it matter which workout I substitute. There are two 30 min and one 60 min work for week 8.

I have a choice to race on Tue or Wed. Do I just move my Week 8 workout to a different day?

After week 8 do I just repeat weeks 8 3three workouts for the 4 weeks of racing?

What is the recommended approach?


Looking at the plan, I’d say that you’ve hit the nail on the head. You have the option of replacing one of the workouts with a race. Which workout will be up to you. As you say, just move the workouts around to meet your race calendar.

With regards to repeating Week 8, I’ve never encountered this before. Usually I’m using TrainerRoad to peak for a single ‘A’ Race, so every event leading up to that point is either a ‘B’ or ‘C’ event. You could repeat Week 8 and try substituting different workouts. Might give you some idea which efforts leave you feeling drained and those which really fire you up.

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As Stated Just move the plan around for the race.
Have you identified the races a C events, if so TR does no taper for the event, if you marked them as A events, it will taper for you.
After your first race, likely threshold and Vo2 max type of effort, see how you feel. Have a recovery ride the day after Z1 low Z2 no more than 1 hour. Then Go back to 3 rides per week giving you adequate recovery from high work load affects.

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Thank you gentlemen. This is very helpful