How strong are you?

I’m curious, how strong are you crazy people? How much do you workout? Both cycling and strength.

My stats are 174cm, 78 kg, male and 28 years old
FTP: 294 watts
Deadlift: 200kg
Bench: 105kg
Sauats: 165 kg

These are my current status, my highest ftp ever but been about 10% stronger at the strength area.

My guess is the higher the W/KG the lower the 3 powerlifts. Just a hunch though…

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Twice your age and the ftp/bench are in my crosshairs after 30 years of being a desk jockey! Not stopping until I find the fountain of youth :wink:

I was once your size, but wasn’t as fit as you on the bike and not quite as strong, although pretty close.

Now down to 69 kg, can usually rep my BW on the bench press after an intro day or two of doing some easier weights to get the coordination back. This is after doing no bench press for about a year or so. Otherwise, lifting heavy is not in my goals. I’ll only do it for a little while in the fall.

I thought I was a 100lb weakling, but then found this website that shows strength standards based on age and your weight, so I fall into a Novice category. Still a waifish weakling, but not as bad as I thought. Weightlifting Strength Standards - Strength Level

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