What is Your FTP (w/kg) VS. Max Pull-ups?

How many pull-ups can do?
(clean reps without kipping, overhand grip, hands shoulder width+ apart)

(as compared to)

Your FTP
(in W and/or W/kg, so it’s comparable)

…just a fun poll.

4.1 and 0


Are you me?

4.2 and 12*

*hammer grip because my doorframe is really narrow

Chinups I can do 7 or so (maybe a couple more if I wasn’t doing deadlifts a few minutes prior). Not sure how that’d translate to in pullups.

FTP is ~3.3 w/kg.

I bet there are dozens of us around here

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Zero pull-ups. (can do 6-8 chin ups with underhand grip)

4.1 W/kg, 285W

I see a trend.

4.1-.2 w/kg 10-15 pull-ups

About 3.5 w/kg and 10 pull ups. Have never AMRAP’d pull ups though so maybe a couple more if pushed. Usually do sets of 6-8 as part of a workout

In fairness, I’m doing more resistance work than endurance work right now. At max ever FTP of 4.25 w/kg, could have done 0-2 proper pullups.

At this moment 3.9w/kg @76kg and 3 sets of 10 pull-ups with 10lb added weight, or 17 at once.

Do I win something?

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4.2 W/kg, 30 pull-ups

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3.0, 20 or so if fresh.

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0 and 0.0


3.6 (270 watts, 75kg)

I haven’t done as many as possible in a while but I do three sets of 8 all the time, so I’m going to say 12 pullups. A few years back I tried to work up to 20 pullups in one set and couldn’t ever get past 18.

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2.7 watts/kg, 8 pullups 67 yo


10 chin-ups (absolute maximum, when i’m practicing them) untrained baseline is 6 or 7. About 5 pull-ups if i’m lucky…

4.0 W/Kg 295W (M50-55)

15 pullup at least. My bar is outside and it’s -30 degrees, so no official number for now.


Next poll: how high can you bunnyhop?

Bunny Hop Height VS. Bench Press!

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Bmx bike I can hop about 48” a mtb maybe 24-36” :laughing:

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Good poll…

4.1w/kg when in race shape

Maybe 3 legit pull ups when in any shape. Maybe.