Anyone start with under 100 ftp?

My first ftp test landed me at an insanely high, cat-1 level 99 ftp. I’m currently up to 140 and about to retest soon. Anyone else start this low and get up to a decent number? Sometimes it’s a bit of a mental barrier when you hear others on the podcast talk about how they started at a “insanely low” 225 :rofl:

Basically id just like to hear some success stories from someone that started this low.


You’re doing better than those on the couch! Also important to remember that the people here are the ones concerned with training and performance so you’ll always hear about “low 300 FTPs” from everyone.

You could also be a lightweight climbing monster with a high w/KG and we wouldn’t know it.


Started 15July at 99 myself. Was at 168 at my last ftp test a couple weeks ago. Fighting illness over past 9-10 days. Hoping I’m not regressing very far.


I started with 90, up to 150 after TB 1&2, 180 after SSBLV 1 & 2, currently at 186 after 6 months of Polarized training. My goal is 3 w/kg, hope its possible for someone over 65.


I’m curious the average weight of someone with that FTP too.

I was 190lb but right now I’m down to 168lb and still going down on a 500cal deficit. I’m doing low volume ssb1 and adding in some z2 rides. I’m also weight training 2 days a week.


I started at a mind boggling 102, got up to 177 in about a year. Was 155 lbs, down to 137.


I think my first ftp test was around 135. Got up to 207 in about 6 months. Took about 6 months off of regular training to deal with some work projects. And I’m just 10 watts off my peak last year. Hoping for 225 by racing season.

I’m not sure what your physiology is, but I am 5’3” and just generally a smaller human than my peers. It sucks we don’t get that 200w off the couch wattage, but I was still able to get strong enough last fall to feel I could express some fitness and have a good time!


Also consider how much riding experience you had before that first test. If you are brand new to cycling (or many years of inactivity), 100 is probably a good starting number. My guess is that the numbers you often see posted as “starting” numbers might be not really be the starting point for many people.

My first FTP test with a power meter was around 200 watts, but that was after 6+ months of heavy riding. I am almost sure my FTP was under 100 watts (at 220+ lbs) when I jumped on a bike after being pretty inactive for many years. I’ve been at it pretty steady for 10+ years (just turned 51), started racing, etc. and my FTP ranges from ~280 - 310 depending on the time of year and whether I’m training for anything.


Was 77 when I started(Zwift whatever power) and when I got my power meter after a couple of months I got to 110. My peak was last September @ 154w before I took like a 2 months break and still working to get back on track!


Don’t know if the question is directed to me, but currently I’m just under 73 kg. I’m planning a cross country trip this summer, 50 days, and hope to shed a few lbs along the way. I raced at 70 kg years ago.

Spot on. I would guess very very few people get off the couch to start cycling and buy a PM or smart trainer straight away. Every single person I know who trains with power and knows what their FTP is has either been cycling for a few years and has got to the point where they can justify the high expense of a PM or smart trainer. Or they’ve come into cycling from a fairly serious background in another endurance sport like running, swimming or rowing, and decided to go all in on the kit from the start, but are doing so with the advantage of a big aerobic engine from their previous sport.


I’m a member of the Peloton FB group, and people routinely post their rides in that. Technically, the bike doesn’t have a true power meter, but it’s close enough for this discussion. There are many many people, of all ages/genders/sizes who post rides avging ~60-100W over 20-45 minutes. On the other side, once you start pushing ~~150-175W avg over 20-45 minutes, you start landing in their top 15-20%.

My point being: While I don’t want to guess what an untrained, sedentary person could dole out (though now I’m curious,) just by being on this forum you are in the company of people who take training much more seriously than the avg population. I don’t at all think you’re out of the groove. For what it’s worth, that feeling of perspective will always stick with you. I’m a smallish rider by weight and have a 3.23 w/kg. There are people on this forum who will talk about their untrained starting FTP being higher than mine at 1.8 or 2.0 or something w/kg. That’s just how the game goes; there’s pretty much always someone faster. Just gotta focus on staying consistent and maximizing your own self.


Not only will you likely see huge fittness gains early on in your training - getting better at testing itself is probably worth 50w if it was your first time.


:wave: Started at 95 off the couch (no athletic history), up to 148 after a base/build/specialty cycle. Currently sick and injured after the holidays, so I imagine I’ll be down some by the time I can get back on the bike. Female, 181cm, 63kg.


After 3 months (going on 4 months) of starts & fits plagued by illness & injury, I’m fairly certain my current FTP is somewhere in the low 40s. :unamused:

Silver lining is that it’ll probably double with just a single bike ride! :laughing:


When I first started cyling last year I had an FTP of 110 on Jan 4, 2019 throughout the year my training had been stop start using numerous programs trying to fit alongside work to improve my overall fitness and FTP. For me improvement came pretty quickly and I was used to really digging deep, even though my nutrition and sleep were not optimal. Recently I have just completed SSBHV1 and now have an FTP of 297 on Jan 6, 2020 and am looking forward to my first ever race season as a Cat 4 in the UK!


Stop looking at FTP as your Main Metric.

Instead, look at Power to Weight Ratio.

This will allow you to make Two Key decisions…

Lose weight
Increase power

Once you focus on this Metric, you will know what you should be doing for your long term goal! :slight_smile:


unless you do a lot of riding on flat terrain.


You live in Florida? :stuck_out_tongue:

Power to Weight applies on any terrain!