Possible to have a high FTP and maximal strength?

I know coach Chad has said before that the best strength athletes make the worst cyclists, and vice versa. But what if my goal is to have as high an FTP as possible regardless of watts per kilo, is that possible or will the two disciplines cut into each other too drastically?

Some more info. I recently just started short power build low volume, but if I want to boost my FTP I’m assuming I should move into sustained power build.

The answer is no. Especially at the highest levels, no.

Two totally different muscle types and energy systems.

There are even nuances in strength competitions to separate explosive power from raw strength. I bet Frooms vertical jump is like 8-10” (I think the record for a male is in the 40s) but the guy can put out aerobic power like few others.

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Thanks for the comment. I guess my question is in context with myself, I’ve actually given up on bike racing because my wife and children have asked me not to do it. In light of that, as the TR guys put it, I want to be an all around stronger person with a good engine on the bike.

My FTP is 252 right now, so my concern is if I continue with my training plan and throw in 2 strength workouts a week, will my FTP drop or continue to climb, albeit slower than if I just did pure cycling?

The signals override each other for the most part. So you have to pick which one you want more and structure your training accordingly.

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I have not been able to successfully balance both. There are programs designed for master racers and cyclists in the off season, but I’ve never tried to follow one.

I will say as soon as I start lifting heavy again my cycling ability and performance starts to suffer. Deadlifting and squatting tons of weight is negatively correlated to FTP for me.

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Thanks for the reply. Would you say you were at your peak fitness when your FTP dipped due to strength training?

If you can balance both of them, some strength training will add levels to your exhaustion level. It can also give some extra power in term of sprints.

Take Kittel - if i remember right, he did maximum squad lifts - so sure… the strength training can help boost ftp - especially if you have a high ceiling (red. havent reached your potential)