How should you be ‘feeling’ towards the end of your training block?

I’m in the 7th week of HVSPB at the moment and whilst I’m able to finish all the workouts and all my numbers are suggesting a pattern of improvements (Cycling VO2 max/RHR) I’m feeling quite battered - is this a normal part of the process and that I can safely ignore my desire to skip a day?

I’m find myself really looking forward to the recovery week now (I used to dread these).

Standard disclaimers about listening to your body and everyone being different apply, but this is usually my experience at the end of a training block. I always feel tired and sore and impatient for the recovery week, and usually by the end of the recovery week I’m chomping at the bit.

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I am doing SPBMV with some added endurance and running. Ultimately around 700-750 TSS a week. I am currently in week 5 and I do feel quite taxed. It will get worse in the next two weeks. Though no reason for concern. It will only make me stronger.

Guess it could be similar for you. Especially because you keep nailing your workouts.