How on earth do you actually ride now?

Ok. I really don’t understand what on earth TR has done to the Mac app. How do you start a ride now from your training plan ?

Does anyone from TR actually respond to any of the questions on here ?

Hey, @jpw. I certainly understand your frustration, and I’m sorry about this. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ultimately, it’s our intent to make the best product we can to make our users faster. Everything we do has this end goal in mind.

Part of this also means that when we release a new feature, we want it to be experienced in the best possible way for users on each platform TR is available on. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen for each application platform at the same rate.

In this case, our Mac desktop app is not quite to that point yet, however, getting Calendar added to Mac is our current top priority.

In the meantime, Mac users do have a work-around so training isn’t significantly disrupted.

First, you can add your plan to your Calendar online.

From there, you’ll see workouts you’ve done in the past as well as workouts that are coming up on your plan.

For now, Mac users will need to reference their next workout on their online Calendar, and then search for that workout in the application.

I know this adds an extra step, so if you happen to have an iOS or Android device, or a PC laptop or desktop, you could use the TR app on one of those platforms while we work on adding Calendar to Mac.

Again, I’m really sorry about the frustration this is causing you, Jamie. I hope this helps clarify things a bit.

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Thank you for clarifying this. However…

  1. You must know that some users use Mac as the application of choice. So why launch and give those users a bad experience?

  2. You are a subscription business. All users should get the same experience.

  3. The extra step is not at all helpful and in any case you aren’t doing anything to help users understand that when they open the mac app. I’ve wasted an evening getting to this point without riding.

I assume you are going to make good the issue to mac users through cheaper subscriptions ?

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This doesn’t help a lot of people either who use a Bluetooth / ANT+ set-up or where the ANT+ part of the setup is USB to the Mac.

Looks like I’ll be riding Zwift until you get this fixed.

Woah, this feels like a really strong reaction. I’m a Mac user too and was confused and disappointed this morning when it didn’t “just work”. I’m just not sure that posting like this is helpful. I wish the app worked differently on the Mac, but instead of a single click, it’s looking up a web page and searching for a word. Probably 5 seconds of extra burden.


I use both Mac and iOS, and personally always have two tabs of TR open in Safari: the landing page, and Calendar. Really not all that inconvenient to search for a workout.

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That’s what we were thinking. Not ideal but it’s literally 5-10 seconds extra work. We didn’t think that would make people turn off from TrainerRoad altogether.

Between now and when we get it out we hope you’re not forced to do more than a minute or so of work.

We also thought the extra features of being able to plan your training out, adjust things, add annotations and other outside, run and swims would more than make up for the extra work for loading your next workout.

Your frustration makes me think we made a bad decision here though. :frowning:


I’m a longtime Mac user too. Sure, this is small inconvenience, but doesn’t seem terrible to me to lookup the workout in one spot and find it in the other. Price of getting all these cool new features. I don’t mind for a while.

Well, I think there were two options. 1) Hold back the functionality. I’m still waiting for extended warm-ups and cool-downs on Mac, so it seems that staggering the rollout is possible. 2) Some communication to Mac users. I think a lot of people figured out themselves how to get riding (me included), but clearly some didn’t and spent a frustrated morning or evening trying to figure out what to do unsuccessfully. I think my reaction likely would have been different if I was geared up and wasn’t able to do a workout. Some kind of “Hey Mac users, read this first” in the announcement email perhaps. You wouldn’t have reached all the affected users, but you would have tried and I think that would have made a difference.

You’re right, we totally blew the communication.

Right now I’m trying to see if we can do an even smaller update to get SOMETHING into the app so you can see the next ride.


I’m with most of the other users in this thread, it’s fine I appreciate all the efforts and I can live with it now that I know what the steps are. However, I did have to say to my wife over lunch “hey, before you go do your next ride, I need to show you how to do it”. She has a much lower tolerance for things not working as expected. The new functionality is really really cool, but for some users you introduced a barrier to “just click and ride”, which really is the core product.

That’d be great, thanks

Let’s be clear whats not helpful is deploying an app that doesn’t work for some users & then not explaining what to do.

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I responded to the current status of Mac here, I hope we can earn your trust again: Calendar Mac Update - We will do better

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I was intending my note to be supporting you here @Nate. Sorry it got me lumped in as “angry” in your update. :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway, it’s all good. You guys are crushing the product, community and coaching watts in my view :muscle:


@nate. I will buy another subscription if any users feel that they are being “ripped off” for what was clearly an honest mistake made in the attempt to give us (the users) the best possible product. You guys are the best in the business. You still have our trust and support.


Confused. Calendar support on my MAC works pretty well. Did something change between 8 days ago and now? I create the calendar on the website and then it imports them on the MAC and I can just select the training for that day and start riding. Nothing really manually.

Same here, I use TR on my mac without a problem.
It shows my scheduled workout on screen and also when I click on my calendar.

I can just click on it, then click on load workout and I can start training…

I do get a lot of updates for TR, but I consider that a positive thing in the sense that TR is working on continuously improving the experience.

Mine is working too. Are we all sure we have the latest version?