Selecting a ride from calendar

Before the switch to the calendar feature I was able to select the ride within the calendar by week and it would load and then I could do that workout. Now it seems that I have to view the calendar see what the name of the ride is and then go back to the app version search for the ride and then load the workout that way. I can select the ride on the calendar but that doesn’t load the ride; rather it just tells me about the ride. Am I missing something? Seems like there is are a few extra steps here.


It should load right away when you tap it. I have fang mountain tomorrow and I can just tap it and it loads.

Note: Mac doesn’t have this yet, we’re behind on Mac development and we’ll get that out ASAP.

Thanks for the reply. I have a Mac so ill need to follow what I outlined until its developed the way you are capturing?

Yes, I’m sorry :frowning:.

No Worries. As long as there is a way then its cool. Any ETA on updated Mac Development?

No ETA, I’m hoping weeks. Two awesome engineers are working hard on it. Well post in here when it’s in beta.

I’m not sure why you would release this calendar feature when it renders the plan useless. This is disappointing

I’ve written an update about this that you can read here: Calendar Mac Update - We will do better - #10 by Nate_Pearson

Hi Nate, when do you anticipate being able to move workouts around in the calendar for people using iOS?

Shawn Stinson

It doesn’t render the plan useless, just requires a few workarounds to make it work as intended. eg: If you need to move the date of a workout, you need to do it via your browser rather than the iOS/Mac app. Takes 10 seconds but yes it requires another step.

I don’t have an ETA, but engineers are working on it right now.

Thank you for all your work and responses to this calendar issue. I was pondering how I would use the calendar feature and honestly I can’t figure out what the best use is or even the intended use of the calendar. Can you tell me what the behind the scenes logic is or was from trainer road on why the calendar feature was put in place to begin with? Its still wonky that I have to go view it “online” and then once I am there I still struggle with what am I actually accessing that I can’t already access in the app? It adds a bit of clunkiness to TR and that clunkiness was never there before.

Sure, I’ll give an overview, there’s a lot more reasoning than this, but it should give you an overview.

Why Calendar: We want users to be able to plan their training. It’s as simple as that. It also opens us up to do a bunch of cool things in the future.

Why web first: We think that it’s easier to manage a calendar with a keyboard/mouse than with a touch screen. It’s also easier to build for the web than for apps. Because of this we went web first, then apps. The clunkiness you feel will be improved. We still think it’s a better experience than our previous experience.

Why not “Bingo Card” training plans: There are some people who want us to do it how we used to have it, where rides were on Tuesday/Thursday/Sat and they could do them in any order and they just did them one at a time.

I hear you on this, and I think you’ll be happier with what we have coming. I also think you’ll like it like 100x more than the old way.

tldr: Calendar is for people who want to plan their training. If you don’t wan to plan any training, I can see how it seems useless (because it is). We have features coming out for those who don’t want to plan their training.